Tuesday, July 5, 2016

slice of life - car pets

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I got in my car yesterday to run to Target. I had a Larabar, a bottle of water, and my purse. Turn the car on, roll the windows down halfway, reverse out of my spot and drive up to the stop sign. Then I noticed a bug close to the passenger side window. I though that if I rolled down the windows a little more, it would fly out, so I did that, opened my Larabar and then proceeded around the corner, too far in the other lane almost hitting the white car approaching, but safely made it past.

I kept my eye on the bug a little bit, and it wasn't flying out, it was kind of descending down towards the seat and that's when I remembered the last time.

There are spiders living in my car.

A few weeks ago, I noticed one coming down on his web right in the middle of the front seat. That time, I had enough time to get a tissue and put it out of my misery while still driving the car without crashing.

This time, not only was the red (!) spider descending downwards, but then towards me. My heart rate quickened and I became slightly spastic. I had my Larabar in one hand, steering wheel in the other, one eye on the creepy red spider, and the other on the road, including the upcoming stop sign where I came to a very abrupt stop.

The spider flew towards my shirt and then disappeared somewhere. Minor freakout, checked my rearview, and the car behind me must have had to hit his breaks hard after I did. As I proceeded past that stop sign, thinking about that spider, I then decided that maybe it's some kind of spider that bites - it was red after all - so I put on my hazards and pulled over. I set the Larabar down and got out of my car, brushed myself off thoroughly, but did not find the spider. Not knowing what else I could do, I cleared my thoughts of scary spider feelings and reviewed my shopping list in my head.

My car is new - I got it at the end of January. I've never had spiders living in any of my other cars before, and not just creeping around, but stringing webs, so I'm not sure what in my car is attracting them. But this is a thing. Spiders living in my car.

Anyone else ever have this problem?
Do they just like Honda Civics?

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  1. This is HORRIFYING. I've never had a spider take up residence, but I have had the occasional visitor - whilst driving - so I know exactly what you went through! There has to be some kind of spider car bomb or something you could use. Since your car is new I would ask the dealer for their advice. Or perhaps your insurance agent, since it's an accident risk!

  2. Ummmm... NO! I would NOT be able to do that AT ALL! Bless your heart! I have never done Slice of Life! I hope I did it right! I am just loving this challenge! Thank you!


  3. I am laughing out loud now while sitting at my kitchen table, yet in my head I am now a little freaked out. This is now the second story I have heard of spiders living in cars in a month. I'll be on the lookout...

  4. I am horrified by this. I'd have to get a new car!!!! Good luck with that! Eek!

  5. It is the ordinary, almost off handed way you write about this...the planned trip to Target, the Larabar, the bottle of water, the little bug...then UT OH you have spiders living in your car...that make it fun to read! Maybe this is a gift in disguise as perhaps this is where more stories will come from! :)

  6. Spiders in the car - no fun. But spiders beat cockroaches and I've had that before (when we lived in Texas) and it was in a Honda Accord! :)

  7. Oh no! You did a great job telling the story bit by bit. You had me LOLing! :)

  8. Yeah, it gives me fright too. Gladly I like pitbulls so I have one as my pet. He heroically scares them away.


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