Wednesday, July 13, 2016

what I'm loving Wednesday

What I'm loving Wednesday - share a post about all the things you're currently loving!

Loving a new quote, new funny meme from the web:
Thank you Colleen for sharing!

Loving EC Life Planners with designer stickers!

This book is amazing. Currently investigating my relationship with money and writing my personal manifesto because of it.

This police officer - follow him on Instagram.
Posts videos and pics of community policing.

These friends and the fact that they want me there to celebrate their life milestones together with them.

New cardio dance class, amazeballs.

Community facebook pages and easy ways to do something good and give back, btw, currently we're at $2,810 of $1,800 goal. People are good.

No society, I do not accept your views about how I should live my life.
I'll blaze my own path, thankyouverymuch.

And that's it. Share with me what you're loving this month!

Hey all y'all! It's the BigTime Blogging Challenge. I'm writing every day in July to celebrate my blog's three year anniversary! Join me - write your post, link it up with mine, leave some love for blogging friends in the form of comments!


  1. The turtle meme is perfect! And I loved Jennifer Aniston's essay! Amazing!

  2. So much love in your life. That is excellent! When we surround ourselves with love, more happens our way. Amazing! Happy Sunday!

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