Wednesday, March 14, 2018

sol #14: no video games, more books

"Hey Ms. Brezek, do you have Amazon Prime?"

Not looking up from what I was doing, I replied, "Yep."

My kiddo went on, "Could you order something for me?"

Assuming he meant a book (kids bring me money sometimes and I will order them books) I looked up, with a light in my eye and asked him what book he was hoping for. But I was met with the shake of his head.

"No, I don't want a book," he scoffed. "I need 6 new controllers for my Playstation."

I'm sure the look on my face was a three word acronym with an explicative. "What?!" I asked, incredulously.

"Yeah," he went on, "I need new controllers, so I"ll bring you the money, and you order them." This particular kiddo has been with me for a year and a half, so he sometimes gets a little bossy, but I let it slide.

"Uummm... no. I order books. That's it."

Still working on his argument, he told me that his dad broke one of his, and now he won't get him a new one. But my kiddo reassured me he had the money, so it would be best if I placed the order.

To that I said, "Well, I'm not going to go do something for you your parents won't do. I'm not having them mad at me. And further, no video games. More books."

He laughed and walked off.

Maybe if I got him his own copy of Hatchet we'd be good to go. He loves that book.


  1. So funny! Or you could get him a video game themed book, like Ready Player One?

  2. Wow, I can't believe a kid ever asking a teacher to order something from Amazon. Love that you will get them a book however.

  3. So great that they feel comfortable enough to request that!

  4. This made me laugh! I love how you will order books for them. So thoughtful and provides them more opportunities to read!


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