Wednesday, March 7, 2018

sol #7: what's your 17?

Our school is planning a rally for next Wednesday to be in support of #MSDStrong. Part of the rally will involve some student writing, so today, we prompted our kiddos with a few videos of speeches, Ohana from Lilo and Stitch, and #whatsyour17.

So I got to thinking about my 17. What 17 things could I do that could impact our school community and all those around me?

1. 17 books about teens just like my students, so they can see their story is like so many others' experiences.

2. 17 hugs for kids who need them and and some for me when I need them. One on a rainy day, one when I'm so proud, and 15 on valentines day when we're all warm and fuzzy.

3. 17 appreciations to colleagues who bring love, light, and insight every day.

4. 17 comments on blog posts so voices are valued.

5. 17 invitations to my classroom, so together teachers can model how we collaborate, too.

6. 17 social events with teachers, to cope with stress, to laugh, to lighten the heavy stuff that weights us down.

7. 17 requests for more books. Because.... books.

8. 17 photos on 8th grade picture day when the kids are looking so sharp.

9. 17 opportunities for personal reflection, thinking about how I can continue to learn and grow as a teacher, to better support my students as the days go by.

10. 17 punny jokes. Because puns.

11. 17 packs of notecards from Target's dollar spot. Because snail mail never goes out of style.

12. 17 deep breaths, because we're all human, and sometimes teaching is a lot!

13. 17 calls to parents, so they can see the beauty in their kids through my eyes.

14. 17 times asking, "Can you ask your peer to repeat that?" so they understand how important THEIR voices are.

15. 17 apologies, because I'm human and mess up too.

16. 17 appreciations to my coteacher, who makes my days so joyful.

17. 17 boxes of Mr. Sketch markers and 17 reams of chart paper, so student ideas can speak from our walls.

So many things.
Thankful for this teaching life.
What's your 17?


  1. I love your positivity! The 17 idea is great. If we all think like that, imagine what a different place the world would be. Wow.

  2. I liked your “request for more books because...books” part because books are important in life.

  3. I enjoyed reading your 17- very interesting and honest!

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