Thursday, March 22, 2018

sol #22: use your brain

I share a classroom with my coteacher, Andrea. We teach together during block 3, but during blocks 2 and 4 I have coaching periods, and she teaches two general education classes in our room. So sometimes, I find myself in my space in our room, but just working at my desk, not really interacting with her or her other classes.

Today, Andrea was telling her students that she left them comments on their essays in google drive.

Then overheard:

Andrea: Do you guys know how to see the comments on your doc?

Student: Yeah, open the comment and use your brain.

Maybe this slice isn't translating well, but I had to stop working, put my head down, and laugh. Because, actually, to see comments when working on an iPad is not as easy as it is on a MacBook. You see the words highlighted, but to find the comments, CONFUSING!

But just use your brian, kids. That's it.


  1. I love comments from kiddos like that. I quite frequently have to put my head down and giggle. Great slice!

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