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Hello readers! I feel ashamed (kinda). I did the Slice of Life Writing challenge with Two Writing Teachers all of March. I wrote every day until like the 20th or so, then missed a few days. I got back to it, but then missed again a few times. Then last night I was too tired even write the last day....

That being said, it was still a great experience! I learned that I really *love* writing and I got connected with some great bloggers. I love reading their posts! And, a teacher at my school did the challenge too, so we always have something to talk about now. Congrats, Jennie - You completed the challenge! I'm so glad we are bloggers together!

Anyways, challenge completed or not, I'm back for more writing today with Farley's Currently! Glad you could stop by and see what I'm up to!

 A few weeks ago my BFF posted a status staying how this song by Pharrell annoyed her so much, but me? I love it! I just don't let things get to me too much! I can usually change my thinking enough to let go of thoughts that don't serve me. And, I've been reading lots of stuff about public education and ed reform and that can get me angry and confused and well, whatever! As Pharrell says,

Here come bad news talking this and that, yeah
Well, give me all you got, and don't hold it back, yeah
Well, I should probably warn you I'll be just fine, yeah
No offense to you, don't waster your time
Here's why
Because I'm happy!

So what I'm loving is this note I saw in one of our fifth grade classrooms:

I always carry my phone around for this exact reason - you never know when you're going to see amazing things wherever you are. I found this letter framed and on a table in the front of her classroom when I covered her class so she could do a quick training. It was so clear that this letter meant something to her kids - you can tell by the way they behave when their teacher isn't there. So respectful, engaged in their work, sharing with one another and me, and just yeah - awesome. Plus, if you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that building relationships is one of my fave parts of teaching. If I still had my own classroom, I would totally steal this idea! Love it, Miss F!

I've been following Diane Ravitch on Twitter for the past few weeks and reading a lot of her ideas about the state of public education. Today, I got a new book from amazon by her:

I just started it, but her purpose is to answer these four questions:
1. Is American education in crisis?
2. Is American education failing and declining?

3. What is the evidence for the reforms now being promoted by the federal government and adopted in many states?
4. What should we do to improve our schools and the lives of students?

This is her last book:

This one talked about a lot of the problems public ed is facing but didn't offer solutions. So, in her new book, that's the idea. Anyone out there reading it? Thoughts? I'm excited to get into it later on tonight!

To go back to Eataly! It's this huge marketplace/restaurant/wine bar downtown Chicago. I went on Sunday after my bowling league with some friends, but randomly just to check it out. It's huge! Two floors of food and wine and basically just a huge market! We got a glass of wine on the second floor and then walked around, but only for about an hour. There's so much to eat, see, shop for....a nutella station? Yes please!

Yes! Red wine, please!

Needing...I don't really need anything right now, but I said that I need the Gators to keep winning March Madness! I am an honorary Gator...of course I'm first and foremost a Sun Devil, but the boyfriend is a Gator so I cheer for them whenever they are not playing ASU - which is almost always! They just made the Final 4 last week and are set to play UConn next Saturday...

My contract hours are 7:50 - 3:00 and I usually work pretty close to those hours. Sometimes I have projects or events after school and so I might have a week here and there with longer hours, but I stick to these hours more or less.

I'm not sure when my last day is - I think it might be June 4th or 5th? Was supposed to be May 30th, but then Chiberia was around this winter so it's pushed back a ways...

That's all for me this April! Hope you're doing well, that those state tests run smoothly, and you are having a lovely spring wherever you are!

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  1. I am with you in that I am loving "Happy!" I may have just bounced right along to it in my head while actively monitoring out state assessment today!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I'm sitting here watching the Final Four game with Florida and UConn. I had to smile at your remark about being an honorary Gator, but still a Sun Devil at heart. I live in the Phoenix area, but support the U of A during basketball season. Florida has an amazing team this year. I think they'll go all the way.

    Chicago is one of my favorite places to visit. I'll have to put the Eataly on my list for my next visit.

    Debbie Crockett
    Crockett's Classroom


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