Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SOL: Let those kisses fly!

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Our PTA is so awesome and creative and always around our school...I LOVE IT!

Last week we celebrated Administrative Assistant's Day and so our PTA, always so creative, decorates outside the office with this:

Then, as the kids (and adults) pass by the office, they were found blowing kisses to our most amazing secretaries. The picture I don't have - the best one - is a group of about 5 or 6 fourth graders walking by, all blowing kisses inside the office. You know those moments when you reach for your iPhone in your back pocket but nothing is there....? Totally happened to me last week at this moment!

This was just so adorable and I loved it!

And well deserved, too! Maria and Julie do so much to keep our school going smoothly, and they are so fun to chat with when I have a few moments here and there! And, whenever I ask for some supplies, Maria always says yes! LOVE! And do you see that chalkboard artwork in the back? They are the best artists, too!

So, appreciations to you two! I can't imagine Emerson without you!

Happy Tuesday!

PS- Blog redesign is in full swing...we're making progress! Can't wait to show you!!!!! Like, it's killing me not to give you a little peek!

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  1. How awesome! Our secretaries are the "heart" of the schools . . . so nice that they were shown how much they are appreciated!


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