Friday, May 23, 2014


Linking up with Doodlebugs for my week in review...and what a fab week it was! Stick around to check it out! :-)

Well, first, there's a great new song I downloaded this morning: Best Night Ever. It's by Gloriana and I listened to it about 25 times today. I'm sure I'm never going to want to hear it pretty soon, but for today, it's a win. It makes me want to stay up all night one summer evening and watch the sun come up at the lake. Buuuuuttt...I have a hard time not sleeping, so the jury is still out on whether or not that will happen!

I hit 200 followers on Bloglovin' this week! That's good, right, for a blog that isn't even a year old?

On July 1st, I'm going to be doing a PD in my district showing our teachers how to set up their own blogs, and I am thinking about creating a BigTime Blogging Challenge for July - I'll give a calendar out with prompts for the month, but the caveat will be if you have your own ideas, you can write about whatever you want, since that's the goal of the blog anyways....

I was also thinking about getting a subscription to inLinkz so everyone can link up with me. Who's down? Even if it's just me, that's cool. I can go out on a limb all by myself! :-)

200 followers - that warrants a cupcake, right?

I got to do some real coaching this week! I wrote about it earlier this week, so check that out here, but the cliffs notes version is that Christine and I gave a PD about mini-lessons a few weeks ago and then this week I went and saw them. They were awesome! and it was cool for me as a coach, to have a structured way to give feedback to teachers with a specific purpose. In case I haven't said it in the last 10 minutes: I love my job.

The parents in my district were asking for summer reading and some summer report homework. I was all for the summer reading list, but not all for the summer worksheets and packets and reports that make kids associate bad feelings with reading. So...I made the Emerson Community Collaborative Blog. Behold it's beauty:

Anyways, we've put up research on the Summer Slump, recommended reading lists, favorite books of our teachers and staff members, summer literacy activities, and a "how to submit" page so families can email their stories in and we can post on their behalf.

I presented it at the PTA meeting this week and I put it on our PTA facebook page - I'm hoping we get lots of posts! Only time will tell - I'll keep you posted!

This week, one of my tweets got retweeted like 12 times, including by the BATs and Karen Lewis. Here's said tweet:

I'm a first-timer to Twitter; I've only been on there since the IRC Conference which was a few months ago, and usually I only get retweeted by my school district (which I totally love and appreciate, Mona!). So, when you get retweeted by the president of the Chicago Teachers Union and the BATs, that's a pretty big deal!

If you're not on Twitter, you need to be. So much research and great articles just come to me via Twitter....this week it included a bunch of articles about summer reading that I used on our school's new collaborative blog.

That's all for this week. I hope yours was awesome! I'm now off to order my Erin Condren personalized notebook for next year. Have you heard about her stuff? Beautiful planners and notebooks - check her out!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I am a newbie blogger (as of yesterday!) and have been thinking about getting a twitter. I never would have thought anything educational would be found there! Thanks for the tip! :)



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