Thursday, May 8, 2014

Letters from the Teacher's Desk

Dear Stoplights on Western Ave,
You were all green today and that was a fab way to start my day - cruising down the street to the beat of the music with the windows down. Love.

hahah....wasn't late, but this is funny!

Dear lady at the bus stop,
You made me want to sing Pharrell's happy when I saw you jammin out to your music this morning on my way to work! Thanks for bringing joy to me before my work day even started!

Dear Spring,
Thank you for *finally* coming to Chicago! Flowers are blooming, the birds have returned, and our the trees on our playground are no longer bare! It's beautiful outside!

Dear Emerson Parents,
You are truly amazing! Thank you for all the treats this week: the luncheon, the flowers you gave to kids to give to teachers today as they entered the building, and your endless support of the work we do. Our school is such a special place because of great families like you!

Dear Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment,
Yes, I love that you are an authentic form of assessment and that we have to dedicate thoughtful time to each child one on one. I love the information your assessment reveals. But after giving this assessment four days straight, I'm totally fried! We're about halfway done, so I'll carry on because I value the information it gives, but I'll be in need of a back massage after!

Dear Crosstown Classic,
WHY do you now happen in May? The whole series is over and I didn't even get to see one game and sport my south side attire! I wish you would move them back to June when I'm out of school and can really enjoy!

That is so my dad!

Dear boyfriend,
I had such a great night - walk to the park, playing frisbee and swinging, stopping to pick up dinner at Jewel on the way home, and cooking tacos. You're my favorite!

That's all for tonight! Happy Thursday!


  1. What a neat post. Hope your weekend is as great as your Thursday!

    1. Hey Alyce! Thanks for leaving me a comment! I love the letters, too! Would you be interested in linking up with me if I set it up for a linky? Let me know, and I'll see what I can do - this week or next perhaps! I'll keep you posted! :-)


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