Wednesday, December 31, 2014

currently 2015

Holy schnikes! It's (almost) 2015 and a cold, cold last day of December here in Chi-Town! I am kinda missing the snow, but definitely not a fan of this cold weather we have going on! Anyways, excited for my 18th Currently with Farley - it's almost been two years doing this link-up with her and I LOVE it! Farley - you're awesome, thanks for getting us all together every month!

If you're new to BigTime Literacy, I'd love to find some new bloggers to connect with! I'm a Literacy Coach just west of Chicago and love my job. I love to read literacy blogs and blogs from middle school teachers (love me some middle school kiddos, too!) Anyways, I hope you'll stay awhile!

Without further ado, let's get on with it!

Listening to....Taylor Swift and Nappy Roots
Well, it's no secret here that I'm a Swifty. I actually just bought tickets for my friend and I to see her at Soldier Field in July and I couldn't be more excited! Have you seen the mash-up a few of her fans did? They blended Blank Space with Style and it's pretty sweet. Check it out!

I also just watched that movie The Neighbors and the ending credits had the song Good Day playing by Nappy Roots and I love that song. I heard it in the gym a few weeks ago and didn't know who sang it, so cool that now I know! Just a heads up though, some inappropriate content, but hey, this kind of song is exactly me, so I must share!

Loving....running into old friends!
One of my best friends, Holly, was in for Christmas. Of course we got to spend a little time together and then went to breakfast with her family in our small high school town. We ended up running into a few other girls from the class of '98 that I hadn't seen in ages... it was so nice! I'm not one to live in the past or anything, but it is so nice to see old friends and spend a few minutes catching up. We couldn't believe that we're coming up to our 20 year reunion in about four years...say whaaaat? We're calling it 10 year reunion part 2!

Thinking...about giving up TV
Ohhh but that will be so hard because The Bachelor starts in January and I think Scandal will be back soon and also there are only 4 episodes of Parenthood left! Maybe a better goal should be no TV on school nights. I really could find lots of better things to do with my time then brainwashing myself with all the junk on TV (Confession: I watched Real World Chicago yesterday! Can you believe The Real World is in it's 30th year?!) No TV on school nights sounds like a good way to start. Except for The Bachelor. I think I definitely can't wait till the weekend for that one! I mean, look ---> new printer to get delivered!
I ordered one on Amazon since I got a gift card for Christmas and I've been home waiting for it all morning! It's a Canon Pixma...wireless, prints two-sided without having to flip it, prints from iPhone and iPad and it's pretty compact for my small space here in the city. I decided to get it because the new year is going to be all about getting healthy (check out my Healthy 2015 pinterest board!) but I'm going to print stuff and put it up all around my bachelorette pad so I can keep my eye on the prize. I heard (or read) once that summer bodies are made in the winter and yes, that is very true. (Either made or not made, right?) Part of my goals include 30 minutes of exercise or 3 miles walking/running (5 days a week) and eating clean. I have to eat cleaner for sure! I mean, I know this - when I eat a lot of sugar or carbs, I feel so bad, so just gotta stick to the plan.


But I digress - back to the printer - it will help me meet my goals and also be helpful for having docs I need ASAP right here at home! I'll let you know how it all works out after it gets here!

Needing...the frigid cold to pass on through
It's seriously so cold here. I can feel the draft from my window as I sit here and type and I am wondering how I am going to make it two blocks to our NYE party a dress! My Weatherbug says it's 16, but feels like 4. Not cool! I'm dreaming of summer days, but know we have a long winter ahead of us!

Yes, Maybe, I Wish...
I say yes to getting healthy this year for sure. I mean yes, losing weight will be totes amazeballs, but just feeling better will be the best part of the deal!

Maybe I'll get the boyfriend to Florida and California this year! I hope so anyways, but it takes a lot of planning and saving, so we'll cross our fingers and hope and see!


I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her!

Hahhahahaa idk. I wish? I don't want to say the thing I wish and jinx it :-)

That's all for me! Gotta get ready to ring in the new year!

Oh - and if you want to link up with me on Sunday, I'll have my Sunday Letters linky up! Check it out!

Happy 2015!


  1. I think I may have gasped out loud when I read "giving up T.V." Good for you! I don't think I could ever do it! Just for The Bachelor and Scandal alone. And The Real Housewives and 90 Day fiancé, and Million Dollar Listing and.....

  2. I was totally thinking of that song too when I saw I wish! I live about 2 1/2 hours west of Chicago. Your blog is adorable!
    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  3. I am totally going to creeping you from now on...first a Nappy Roots video (loved them via 1999) and then I wish I was a little bit taller... Oh no you didn't!!

    I am an instructional coach at an Oklahoma school:)

    Love your blog!
    My Teacher Friend

  4. I wish I could give up more time away from TV ... but it's just so hard! I mean, even now that Sons of Anarchy is over, there's Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead, How to Get Away With Murder. I just... ahhhh! But I wish you luck and success :)

    PS. Your blog is totally stinkin' adorable and I love it!

  5. I gave up cable when I moved 2 years ago. I have an antenna and get 3 stations as well as Netflix. In addition to saving $$ every month, I've learned that I don't really miss it all that much. My TV is on the majority of the time I'm home but it is typically just background noise. Good luck! :)

    A Very Curious Class

  6. Hi Michelle, So glad to find your blog! I teach grade 8 la/ss and g&t 3-8! Happy New Year...hope you have a great night! Have fun playing with your new printer! It sounds awesome!

    A Middle School Survival Guide

  7. I hope your wish comes true!! Happy New Year, friend. :)

  8. I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
    and a six four Impala

    18th CURRENTLY??? that's longer than some relationships… thanks for being such a LOYAL pArTaY goer!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    I so want to know what your WISH is…
    and I LOVE YOUR BLOG design… like LOVE LOVE LOVE
    one of my FAVES of sho
    thanks so much for linking up again and again and again…
    I hope you have a BLESSED 2015!!! full of love, happiness, and health

    1. FO SHO… not of SHO….this darn auto correct
      doesn't quite get my random ghetto-ness

  9. Hi Michelle~
    I love the jinx graphic! My daughter is 7 and she and her friends are constantly "jinxing" each other. I remember doing that with my friends so it's kind of fun. I grew up in Milwaukee so I know those cold winters well. We gave up cable a couple years back for awhile. It's totally doable. Is that a word? We had netflix and hulu and got 5 or 6 channels with a digital antenna and antenna booster. We watched anything we really wanted to watch online the next day. We saved $150 a month and paid off a bunch of debt. Good luck and Happy New Year!
    Joya :)

  10. Hey Michelle, cable is one of the things we gave up last year. It makes me sad, I loved it, I love dvr and tivo and I do miss them. But Netflix recently added some of the shows I watched a lot like Property Brothers, triple D, and more. We have hulu too and then I can watch Parenthood and Grey's the day after they show on TV. Now I spend $16 a month, a considerable savings. But I should give it up more for the sake of being more present in my life. Food for thought! Thanks!

  11. Hi Michelle!
    I love your blog! I am right there with ya girl, on the getting healthy! And.... on the warm weather! Come on spring and summer!! :)
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  12. Hi Michelle!
    I love your blog! I am right there with ya girl, on the getting healthy! And.... on the warm weather! Come on spring and summer!! :)
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  13. I am not a Taylor Swift fan, but I do love her new CD! Have fun at the concert!!!

    Happy New Year

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  14. EEEK! So excited to find your blog! I grew up in KY, a little ways from where Nappy Roots got its start, love them! My friends and I listened to them too loud too often! I'm a literacy coach/ reading interventionist up in MN, glad to find another freezing reader, HA!

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