Monday, April 13, 2015

on your mark book study

Hello friends! Hope you are having a great weekend!

About a week ago on Instagram I posted that I will be holding a book study here on BigTime Literacy. Our district is beginning the journey with Standards Based Learning, and so some teachers all around Berwyn South are reading this book:

Frame Credit

It's all about Standards Based Grading, Reporting, and Leanring. It's about rethinking our traditional grading practices and providing students will more feedback and a path to accomplish exemplary work! Check out what the introduction has to say:

"You just opened what may be the most challenging and unsettling book you will ever read about any education topic. This book is not for anyone who's comfortable with the status quo in education. It's not for those who trust in traditions and find it easy to ignore research evidence that challenges those traditions. It's not for the weak of spirit.
This book won't be an easy or comfortable read. The school leaders, professors, teachers, instructors, board members, community members, and parents who read this book won't be talking about it in calk and casual tones. More likely, they'll be engaged in heated arguments and impassioned debates."

If you are interested in participating, I will be holding the book study here at BigTime Literacy, too! I'll provide a link-up each day we meet and you can post your thoughts about this book on your blog, and then link with me and the other bloggers who are participating. Great read, plus teacher collaboration online - what could be better?

We will have three virtual meetings about the book on the dates listed below. Read the chapters listed, write your post, and then link up with me! (And leave some comment love to your colleagues, of course!)

Really looking forward to having a discussion with all of you about this topic! If you are in D100, we are also meeting face-to-face - send me an email if you didn't get the details today in a calendar invite!

Until next time,

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  1. Michelle,

    I would love to be apart of it!! Count me in! Our 5/6 grade center is looking to switch over to standards based grading in a couple of it would be wonderful to read this book!

    Mind Sparks


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