Sunday, April 5, 2015

sunday letters

WRITE your letters.
LINK them with mine.
SHARE the love via comments!

And I'm back! March was awesome with the Slice of Life Story Challenge, but I'm glad to be back and writing some other posts here at BigTime Literacy!

Dear Readers,
Happy Easter! Hope you have a great day celebrating with your loved ones today! Today also means the end of Lent, so I'm happy to end my Facebook hiatus and get back to posting some things there, too. If you were wondering where I was, that was what's up!

Dear Self,
Even though you missed three days, you did a great job writing (almost) every day during the month of March. You also had your students writing, including these four who wrote every day! Check out their blogs: Emily, Frances, Sidney, and Alex
Love, Teach

Dear Kacey Musgraves,
Your songs are so awesome, including this new one called Biscuits. Totally love it and can't wait to see the video! "Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy" hahhahaa, so awesome! Your cleverness totally inspires me!

Dear readers,
I'm going to be holding a book study of On Your Mark, a book about Standards Based Learning. If you have any interest, please order a copy! I need to talk to a work friend to figure out our timeline, but I'm thinking our first post will maybe be in the next two or three weeks? The introduction to this book starts out like this....
       "You just opened what may be the most challenging and unsettling book you will ever read about any education topic. This book is not for those who trust in traditions and find it easy to ignore research evidence that challenges those traditions. It's not for the weak of spirit.
      This book won't be an easy or comfortable read. The school leaders, professors, teachers, instructions, board members, community members, and parents who read this book won't be talking about it in calm and casual tones. More likely, they'll be engaged in heated arguments and impassioned debates."
Do you want to have some seriously heated debates together?! :-) Hope you'll join for this book club! More details will be coming this week, but I hope you can participate in this book club!
Your colleague in Chicago

Dear Chuy,
I'm really hopin, and prayin, and....what's that song? Anyways, hoping you are you dethrone Mayor 1% on Tuesday! I just saw a quick little poll on Twitter and this came up:

Fingers crossed!
a Passionate Public Educator

That's all for me today. Looking forward to reading your letters!


  1. Those are great lyrics! And welcome back to FB!

  2. Can't wait to start the book club!

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