Tuesday, May 19, 2015

family writing project poem

Tomorrow is our last session of Family Writing Project, and as such, we are all sharing our best writing with the group. 

Hektor tells me I can't have six best friends, but I guess I'm a pretty lucky girl, because I do. I've just been thinking about them a lot and feeling so blessed to have them in my life.

I know it's maybe a little middle-schoolish to write about my best friends, but I don't care. I couldn't get through this crazy life without them. So here you have it!

Then & Now
By: Ms. Brezek

Back then….
I met Holly in Indiana.
Cheerleaders and fast friends
Back when candy was for breakfast
And our metabolism had no end

Heather is the best person I’ll ever meet
Also cheered with me in High School
Before her kids we watched MTV for hours
And spent days at my mom’s pool

New to Arizona and to Community College
Spanish class was where Jamie and I met
We both loved to shop and connected at the mall
And then it’s Undergrad I’ll never forget

A first year teacher, but little did I know
Another one (Katie) was right down the way
Thank goodness for students Petie and Jasmine
Getting in a fight over shoes that fall day!

Another special friend came one Arizona New Year’s Eve
Friends of friends was how Anita and I met that night
We lost our group but didn’t care one bit
That evening (and our friendship) turned out just right

With five years teaching under my belt
I met an amazing colleague who goes by Liz
We bonded over Reading and Writing Workshop
And our mutual love of teaching middle school kids

And now…

Holly’s happens to have a home in Kentucky
Heather’s hangs her hat in San Diego
Jamie just can’t get enough of Southern California
Katie calls the Valley of the Sun her home
Anita…can you believe it? She’s here in Chicago!
Liz loves living in Seattle

These are my people.
They get me and love me unconditionally.
There’s so many miles between us,
but it’s the
FaceTime & phone calls,
and our
future plans
that keep us close at heart.'d I do?


  1. You did great!!! I love how the cities guided me through the poem and in the end, though all moved more, you are still friends and still connected. I just went to Chicago for the 1st time for Mother's Day Wknd to visit my daughter who is in grad school at UChicago!! WOW!! I love your town!!! Loved the architecture, especially!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, and yes, I love Chicago too (as if you couldn't tell from the blog!) :-) Did you go on the river tour to see all the architecture?

  2. Great fun to read your poem. What a tribute to your friends! Is Liz teaching in Seattle? I'm retired, but would love to look in a great reading/writing workshop classroom.

    1. I meant to say look in ON

    2. Liz is actually doing her PhD at UofWashington and supervising student teachers...but I think she's hoping to get back to the classroom soon!

  3. It is so nice to keep in touch with old friends. I haven't done as well at it, but that may be because of technology that's available now that wasn't when I was in high school, college and first years teaching. I wonder if I would have stayed in touch with those I've lost track of.


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