Wednesday, May 27, 2015

year end reflections

Chello friends! I'm hosing an end-of-the-year reflections linky... and I wasn't planning to write this just yet (I'm not done until the 5th of June) but after I put an announcement out about it yesterday, today I found someone already wrote their post, so I must get something going here! Shout out to Allie, for being the first to write with me!

The format of the blog post goes like this:

Best Memories
What were a few of your best memories from the 2014-2015 school year? Share a few!

Missed Opportunities
Did you start some things and didn't see them through enough? Anything else that you were disappointed by? This is the place for those.

Game Changers
What did you learn this year that changed teaching for you?

Where was your focus? Share some things you put a lot of energy and effort into.

It always happens that some things slip by us....what did you forget about this year?

End with general reflections on your year to help you plan for next.

I'm going to revise this a little later and include my reflections because (1) school's not over yet and I'm a creature of habit with my 'ritual' being that I write on my first day off when schools out and (2) I don't have all my ideas down just yet. But for anyone out there who's read to share, link up your reflections with me on this post! Excited to hear about your year! :-)

I'll be back. (Read that with a Schwarzenegger voice!)

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  1. Used these in EOY coaching meetings with a lot of success! Thanks so much!!


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