Sunday, August 2, 2015

currently august

HI friends!
I'm on vacation and was trying to unplug, but no such luck. I've been better though, just taking some morning time with my online world and then living in books and notebooks most of the rest of the day! So, without waiting anymore, let's get on with Currently!

Listening to the waves
We're in Ormond Beach, Florida, on the Atlantic coast. Our condo doesn't directly face the ocean, we're off to the side, but from my chair right now I can see the waves and hear them crashing. Light breeze blowing in, me, the beach, and my blog. I'm in love!

Loving bff bracelets
Alex and Ani just started making ASU charm bracelets and so I facebooked it to my friends here in Chicago, and then a few weeks later, Laurie ordered them for all three of us. I can't wait to get them and I'm so excited to have a new tradition - I'm sure we'll wear them to all the game watching parties at Cubby Bear!

Thinking about Block Scheduling
I've been reading Atwell's third edition of In the Middle to get prepared to teach a session in my district, "Organizing for ELA on a Block Schedule." My mind is racing with all kinds of ideas to share with our middle school teachers, but I need to keep reading this week while I'm lounging by the water. I'll be sure to share this PD (like all the others I do) on a future blog post and archive it in the PD tab above. Stay tuned!

Wanting sunny days
Yesterday here was nice-ish - It was sunnyish during the day but then rained and rained and rained. I'm hoping for really sunny all day today and staying in my swim suit for each moment!

Can't think of anything at the moment, and I'll take it!


Okay so I'm not going to tell you about it till I can show you, but I'm planning on making a bulletin board in our staff lounge. I saw it in a yoga studio I was trying out and loved it! So, probalby by next month you'll get to see! I know you're going to love it, trust me! :-)

That's all for me right now, off to take in the waves a little bit closer. Make sure you check out all the Currently posts over on Farley's page!


  1. Hi Michelle, I enjoyed reading through your currently and I must say I am a bit jealous! How fun to be writing your currently and listening to ocean waves. I love your bracelet idea. I have an obsession with the Alex and Ani bracelets. I will have to check it out. Looking forward to reading your blog post about block scheduling! Enjoy the rest of your vacation! :)

  2. I just got back from the beach in Florida yesterday! Since I was with the in-laws, I felt the need to completely unplug and now feel completely out of the loop!

    I can't wait to see your bulletin board idea!

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

  3. Enjoy the beach! I don't think I could unplug either! Lately I have been obsessed with trying to figure out Twitter. I can't wait to see your bulletin board. :)

  4. I am jealous of your current vacation! I was in North Myrtle Beach in April and we were right on the beach. It was amazing! Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  5. Hey Michelle!

    I tried to unplug as well, but I wasn't even able to do it for more than 4 hours! Looking forward to reading more of your posts! :)


  6. The Beach. Sounds fantastic!!! Looking forward to your bulletin board reveal.

  7. A bulletin board in your staff lounge sounds cool. You could put up people's birthdays, shout-out of the week...oh the possibilities! Hope it all comes together smoothly :)
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  8. It's so hard to unplug nowadays. I'm looking forward to your bulletin board. You've piqued my interest! Wish I was on a beach too. #sojealous :) See you soon at our Institute Day!
    Literacy Loving Gals

  9. I wish everyone would just unplug sometimes. I saw a family at McDonald's having dinner yesterday and all of them at the table were ignoring each other and playing on their phones. Sad to see. I love your beach view though - who cares if it's from the side, the sound of the waves is the best part! I didn't get to make it to the beach this summer, I'll have to go during the year. I'll be back to check out your bulletin board - I'm intrigued. Are you an ASU grad? I am. I might have to check out those bracelets.

    Teaching Doodles


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