Sunday, August 23, 2015

sunday letters

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Hey out there! I'm back with the Sunday Letters today and every other Sunday until further notice. Make sure you link your letters up below!

Dear Emerson Staff,
I'm so excited to start another new year with you! I'm looking forward to seeing the kids and the work we will do together this year. I'm also hopeful that we will plan lots of fun stuff to do together so when it gets super overwhelming, we can stay positive.
High fives to you all :-)

Dear former students,
Thank you for continuing to keep in touch with me. It really is one of the most rewarding parts about our job, that we create spaces for amazing relationships with you. I'm so proud of all your accomplishments, and if you ever need anything, I'm just an email away!
Love, Teach

Dear Universe,
Okay, I get it. Things can always be worse. Case in point: the cracked screen on my iPhone after a pretty rough week. I will remember to practice gratitude for the good things in my life though, even when there's bad stuff, too.
Try and watch out for me anyways?

Dear best friends,
Thank you for being in my life. I swear, I couldn't go through it without you.
Love, Shel

Dear Summer Vacation,
It's been real. It always goes too fast, doesn't it?
Until we meet again,

Dear self,
Good job on your running...You've logged 18 runs since the beginning of June! You are really improving, even if just a little at a time. Keep up the great work!
Love, Self

Dear Cousin,
Thanks for texting me yesterday to check on me and I'm so glad I got to hear all about college! I love that we keep in touch pretty regularly!

Dear Alex and Ani,

I love your bracelets! My new fave is the one with the Buddha charm, which is a constant reminder to keep my thoughts in check. Must make a wish list!
Online shopping fanatic


  1. I feel your pain - my phone screen cracked the week I got it.... We are going to have a great year!

  2. Summer vacation always goes quickly, but I do get excited bout back to school! Have a great year!

    A Very Curious Class

  3. Many great letters! They all show that you've had a great summer and are ready to get back at it. Hope you have a fantastic beginning of the year!!!

  4. I love your running progress! Way to go! Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways! I hope to get back in the groove of exercise this week! :)

  5. Thanks so much for the opportunity to link up! Hearing from or having former students stop back in to see me is just the greatest feeling. It affirms the lasting influence the "good" that we do every day has! Cheers to a great year!
    Stories and Songs in Second


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