Monday, March 12, 2018

sol #12: off balance

I don't like when I'm
off balance
because then, I'm not as patient, when
I'm off balance
Kids do normal stuff, which any other day is fine, but today it's not because
I'm off balance
I need to recharge because tomorrow I don't want
to be off balance
The people in my life deserve it, and most importantly I deserve
to not be off balance
So I will rest and relax tonight, so tomorrow I can be


  1. I love you! I was a little off today too-we all need that recharge every once and awhile. It could be daylight savings time... agh! I slept 40 minutes past my alarm this morning. Get some rest so you are ON BALANCE tomorrow!

  2. Changing time? That lost hour had a lot of people feeling off today in my area!

  3. Your people love and care for you even on those off days! You'll be #onpoint tomorrow!

  4. I love both the structure of this post (repeating lines are so powerful for the message) and the admission that we all have off days. I hope you are in bed with a good book right now! Self care matters. (And way to squeeze in a Slice during an "off day" -- I hope it brought some comfort to write through it.)

  5. This sums up my feelings yesterday so perfectly. I think most of us were a little off with the time change (maybe?), but you put it into words so beautifully!


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