Thursday, March 1, 2018

sol #1: sentimental stuff

Warm fuzzy day, I love it.

Every Valentine's day, the kids get little yarn necklaces and share kindness and appreciations that make one another feel "warm and fuzzy." This year was no exception to the amount of joy it brought me.

One trio of kids, we'll call them Alice, Tanya, and Isaiah, were huddled together. The girls were tying warm fuzzies to Isaiah's necklace, telling him such kind things:

"You're my best friend."
"You're so nice to me...well, you're not, but I know you're just joking."
"You're so cute, too," one of them said, as they grabbed his chin.

Then they asked him to say thank you. He just smiled.

"Say thank you!" they demanded.

"No thank you," he said, with a grin, shortly followed by, "Thank you."

The girls went on, "Now tell us something nice!"

Slowly, he pulled a string from his necklace, looked down at the floor, up at the wall, around behind him, and finally, said, "Here you go, Tanya, because........ you're cool."

All smiles, with Tanya, saying to her friend, "And after all that sentimental stuff I told him!"

Sentimental or not, all the kids were smiling, around all of the classrooms we did this. Like every other year, it was a win.


  1. When kids are involved, Valentine's Day does not seem like a hokey hallmark holiday. They make it a great day of the year! They really bring meaning to the day. Thanks for your little chocolate heart of a slice of life.

  2. I love this little tradition of yours. So special!

  3. I was in Operation Snowball in high school and remember this fondly. I'm glad that you bring this into your classroom. I would love to be in your class!


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