Sunday, March 1, 2015

day 1: street parking gone great! #sol15

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Hey there! I'm Michelle, a Literacy Coach in a Chicago Suburb. So excited for the SOLSC...this year I'm participating *and* I've got a group of student bloggers writing, too! Love sharing blogging with them, and all of you!

About a week ago, the nicest thing happened. I needed to go to my favorite little jewelry boutique, Francesca's. The closest one to me is within walking distance...just not in the winter. So, I was mentally preparing myself to fight for parking, crossing my fingers that I could do a parallel on North Avenue in one swoop as to not embarass myself, and cursing the mayor that sold off the parking meters, now creating a 30 minute parking cost of about $2.

But then, the heavens opened, the sun shined down, and I was blessed.

I went on the side streets a different way up to North Ave so I could hopefully park right in front. As I came up the side street, it was such good luck, because this couple had just unlocked their car and it was a perfect place to park....on a side street and right by the pay box. So, I put my blinker on and waited patiently until they left.

Just as I expect them to take a right onto North, I notice that the guy puts the car in park. Next thing I know, he's walking up to my window, parking sticker in hand and giving it to me, because it still had 40 minutes left on it.

Nicest thing ever!

I only needed about 30 minutes to run in and get a new necklace to match my new dress, and nice people make it even more convenient. What a great day.

Have you done any Random Acts of Kindness lately? I'm definitely paying this one forward!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love when people think of others out of the blue. The last time I had to be "good at" parallel parking was in college. My skills are quite rusty and I'm sure I would embarrass myself trying to do it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    A Very Curious Class

  2. What a thoughtful person and an added bonus to finding a perfect parking spot! Lovely!

  3. Parking. Nothing more needs to be said, but I loved reading your story. My RAK happened Friday. One of our teachers was gone Thursday (and she doesn't have many friends at my school), and I left a note on her desk saying that I missed her smile the day before (which was true). She was touched and thanked me for the note. It was a simple thing, but meant a lot to me and to her. Life is about the little things.

  4. Amazing how such a small thing has such a huge effect! Great story!

  5. I live in a city neighborhood in Denver with on the street parking and I'm horrible at it! Was all prepared then, to read a story about one of my experiences and got this instead! A parking spot, someone paying for your parking, a new necklace- a trifecta of good stuff! Looking forward to slicing again this year!

  6. What a nice act of kindness! I love that your students will be slicing along with you. As a Chicago native (burbs now) I understand the parking hassle, and am glad this person brightened your day!

  7. What a nice guy!!! You'll have to repay that same act of kindness next time you have time left on your parking sticker. However, if you're anything like me, I always go over the amount of time I pay for - oops! Also, can't wait to read the kiddos' slice stories!

  8. People that live in rural ares just don't understand the greatness of this RAOK. Parking in the city is probably the number one reason I refuse to live there again. I get anxiety just thinking about it! When I was in college, my roommate used to always thank her grandma when she got a rockstar parking space. Made me laugh every time!

  9. Wow, what a great story about the kind of strangers! And, I totally hear you on the parallel parking in one swoop. :)
    --jee young

  10. Being on the receiving end of a RAK is perfect inspiration for remembering to offer RAKs to others.

    My sister always prays for parking spots, and praises the Lord when she gets one (almost every time!)

  11. I love reading about the RAK that you received. I am so excited for your bloggers! Wow! I decided to wait until next year to start the classroom slice.


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