Monday, March 2, 2015

day 2: we're trending...nbd! #sol15

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Last week we had a Teacher's Institute. Our district is very tech-savvy, being that we are 1:1 computing and we have been using Twitter more and more over the last few years on our PD days.

I never thought I would like Twitter - well, I didn't really understand it - but now, I'm in LOVE. This admiration was taken to a new level today when two of our Literacy Coaches (Leah who writes over at Responsive Literacy and Meg who writes at That Literacy Lady) used a Twitter Chat *during* their presentation on book clubs. They thought that it might be hard to engage 90 teachers at one time, and that a Tweetup (Twitter Meetup?) would be a great way to have everyone's voices heard.

They were so right. I super puffy heart *loved* this!

They even created a new hashtag for our district... #bsd100bookclub so that anytime we post things on Twitter, we have an easy way to collect all the posts. (And an easy way for all of the readers here to go see what all the fuss is about!)

I'm feeling so inspired by them...I'm definitely going to have to remember this if/when I present to a big group.

Oh - and our out D100 hashtags, #iengagebwyn and #ilearnbsd100 - well, they were trending in the Chicago area that afternoon. We were trending! How awesome is that?!


  1. I have a twitter account linked to my blog. I have to say, that is the only use I have for it. I don't really understand it either. My sister loves it but I haven;t been able to feel the love. I think, next time a workshop is offered that relates to Twitter, I will attend and maybe I will be a s excited about it as you are.

  2. Your passion for Twitter, reminds me to reignite my relationship with it. Sadly, like all social networking, I wonder what do I have to tweet about. However, I LOVE the professional development gained from Twitter. Thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement to join the 21st century :)

  3. My Twitter love wasn't from first sight, it has grown slowly. Your excitement expressed in the red bold letters leaves no room for a question whether you would recommend Twitter for others. I believe your post will inspire some doubters to give Twitter a chance.

  4. My twitter knowledge is practically ZERO. I have an account, but I don't use it EVER. My blog posts there automatically for me, but that's all you'll ever see from me. Is this a sign that I'm getting old? I remember when I suddenly knew more about technology than my dad, a day I thought would never happen, and he said it all just changes too much for him to keep up or care. Oh shoot... I'm my dad!

  5. I always have a hard time tweeting during PD! I feel rude being on my phone, but know people are saying great things on Twitter! That's why I just hit the retweet button and let you do all the work ;)

  6. Using twitter during PD sounds wonderful! Teachers are on their phones all the time during presentations and workshops anyway. I think I now have a new suggestion! Thanks for the idea!


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