Wednesday, March 25, 2015

day 25: double mocha

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I taught late last night. Because of that, I felt that I deserved a treat, so I left just a little early today so I could run into my neighborhood Starbucks for a Mocha. It was bliss in a cup! Then I headed off to work where I got to see my blogging club - the highlight of my day, which had already ended by 8:20am --->

After school, I met with a few new teachers, then went with my mentee to Starbucks (and she bought me a coffee - another mocha!), and then met another teacher friend for dinner. I had lots of time to spend with work friends because we were waiting for the School Board meeting to start. It was hosted at our building and so it's always good to show a little love by being in attendance :-)

Luckily I had those two coffees to get me through my whole day, home, and turning my computer on at 9:30 to check into the Slice of Life! As tired as I am, I couldn't think of another place I'd rather be at 9:41 pm.

And now I wish you a good night!


  1. I definitely reward myself with Starbucks too! :) I LOVE that your blogging group is the highlight of your day! It's so nice to see their excitement!

  2. This is awesome. From the Starbucks to the students.... hoping to do this with my class next year. :)

  3. starbucks on any day is a great day, but double starbucks?! lucky duck! ;)

  4. no Starbucks in Mountainair but that reminds I can still treat myself: make my own ~ cafe con leche or maybe a spiced green tea


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