Monday, March 30, 2015

day 30: smashed

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So annoyed yesterday.

H and I decided to go to brunch. It was raining and cold and so my windows were all fogged up. We got in the car and I was raving about Louder Than a Bomb... I had my new shirt from the event in the back seat that I was showing him. Being all enthused in my conversation, I didn't think to check my mirrors when backing up and I totally smashed my bumper and driver's side tail light into the pole of the El tracks (The train runs right through his parking lot, elevated by posts.)

and now my tail lights and back bumper are totally smashed. As I heard the crunch of my bumper and pole, the other sound I heard was the "cha-ching" of my bank account being deducted my insurance deductible. I can think of 1 million other things I'd rather blow $500 on. This is not one of them:

I'm so annoyed at this accident. I know I need to be thankful that I have money in savings to cover it, but I'm still just so super annoyed. So annoyed, that I've even realized I've used that word three times, but I'm too irritated to fix it. So there!

ha. Well that made me feel at least a little better.

I'll be back on the happy train tomorrow. Everyone gets excused once in awhile for negativity, right?


  1. The damage doesn't look too good. I'm sorry that happened. At least you are okay!

  2. boo :( this really stinks - i'm sorry! Also, you're always so positive, so you get a free pass on this one!

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