Tuesday, March 10, 2015

day 10: in your own time

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I'm teaching a literacy methods class at one of the local universities again - my second time doing the same course, so it's so much better in terms of me knowing what to expect, what I should make sure to talk about and what I can skip over, and how to best prepare them for success on their assignments. Now that I have my sea legs, I wanted to try and add a few extras, and I thought Twitter would be a good way to go. You know those young kids, all techie on social media and all?!

This all happened because of a PD two of the coaches in my district did using Twitter and Tweet Deck to encourage more participation among the 90 participants. (Read about that here.) I was so excited by this, I wanted my grad students to use Twitter for the same thing - I wanted to show them how amazing Twitter can be for sharing information related to our field of work - the articles that are written about teaching and learning, keeping up with the pulse on PARCC and standardized testing, engagement strategies, new books by Heinemann, what's going on with Two Writing Teachers, plus following news sources and election information, and also a few favorite celebrities. (and a few former students!)

Tonight, I asked them to tweet out something about class - something that was inspiring or engaging, something they didn't want to forget, and tag it with the hash tag I created, #DUliteracy. I was so excited for this that I thought for sure they would be, too.

Except no one did it. And I'm laughing over here, but I kinda feel like the kid who showed up to the party, and then found out the joke's on me, because I'm there all alone. If you search my hashtag, you'll find one tweet from last week. That I wrote. And now this blog. That I also wrote.

I guess what I'm learning is that it has to be on their own time. I can't get them to love Twitter just because I do. I can't make them use Twitter - even though the resources available via Twitter are seriously limitless. It has to be for them, when they're ready, on their own time....just like it was for me.

So JennieB, you're off the hook with Twitter...that is, until you're ready for it! #nomorebullying


  1. Yay! Love you!
    I love this line: "And I'm laughing over here, but I kinda feel like the kid who showed up to the party, and then found out the joke's on me, because I'm there all alone."

  2. Haha! First you were a blogging bully, now you're a twitter bully?! Poor Jennie ;)

  3. That actually makes me feel a little better too because I just can't keep up with ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA. Facebook, blogging, Instagram, TPT.... maybe I'm just old but I miss it all being in one place!

  4. Next time you see them, offer a Dunkin Donuts gift card. The tweets will start rolling in. :)


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