Friday, March 13, 2015

day 13: choose to include

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I love lots of things about my job, including the teachers who share my lunch. We work together, we have fun together, and no one is left out.

Take for example PARCC testing week. On Tuesday, Jen polled all of us asking about our favorite song, the song we hate, and our guilty pleasure song. Then at lunch, we talked music, listened to a few songs, ("sang" a few songs) and got excited for the mystery prizes: 

The trivia brought about laughs and happiness, and big surprises:

She won a "juice box" :-)
And it wasn't just this fun this past week - we also had root beer floats, you know, so we could do the emotional eating, but together.

It's because of all this, and so much more - the shared Pinterest board we all contribute to, going to movies on Fridays together, and being there for each other in stressful times that we work so well together. It's because of all these things I always want to include everyone, which is why I invited Christine, Leah, and Colleen to join the Slice of Life Challenge, and Jennie invited Jill. (And Erin!) Now all of us are writing every day, and cheering one another on from the comments section of our blogs.

You see, a friend and I know how it feels to be left out. As I talked to two 3rd grade girls on the playground today about why one can't play with another, I was thinking myself about a situation that I learned of this week where a friend and I were left out....I'm a grown woman and it still hurts. Of course, I'm assuming intent here, but either way, I choose this:

I know for sure that I'm better because of all the amazing women who surround me!


  1. This is my first time visiting your blog --- the set-up is so pretty. I love that you have a group of friends at school that plays, laughs, and learns together. Priceless! The rootbeer floats look amazing!

  2. You are fabulous and I appreciate your smile and positive outlook on everything!

  3. I love that quote. Particularly the part about looking for the best in people. Great words to live by.

    Thanks for including me in the challenge! I just barely made it today, and then when I went to post it I realize that I actually had missed it by 30 minutes because of the time change. I am going to count it as making it though, because it was before midnight here, and if I don't see it like that I might not post tomorrow. Writing daily has been hard, but I have learned so much!! Thanks for the push.

    1. No! I blew it! I posted my day 13 slice under the Classroom Challenge on mistake, not Day 13. And now it is closed to comments!!! Does that mean I am out of the challenge?!?!? Bummed over here.

    2. Hey Leah - Look on Two Writing Teachers for the person to help for your last name and email them - and definitely keep writing! They will be able to fix the comment I think... don't sweat it! :-)

  4. I feel like an honorary coworker! I'd let ya'll adopt me if your district needs a new teacher! :)

  5. Also... I totally understand this feeling left out thing. It's the #1 thing I hate about being the new girl (and why I only sub in certain buildings in my district). I've lost friendships over being left out, so I'm pretty sensitive to it.

  6. I am so thankful that I have you and the other girls! You're one of the reasons why I loooove coming to work!


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