Friday, June 5, 2015

at home in my home office

It's my first day of summer break and I've been SOOOOO productive! Got up and did some running/walking first thing, went to a meeting, went to Ikea, assembled a new bookcase and cleaned my office, and now I'm going to share it with you! :-)

I'm linking up with Schroeder's Shenanigan's in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners for their #2getherwearebetter linky - this month, to share about our home offices!

So off we go!

I was stalking this desk on for a long time before I finally bought it and I absolutely LOVE it. It's so perfect - totally me! It usually gets super disorganized, but when it looks like this, I'm in love!

I bought the chair at Home Goods. Do you love that store as much as I do? Love having a little girlyness with the fabric chair! Off to the left, which you can't really see, is another little table for the printer. I used to have it on the desk but it took up so much space, so it's nice that it's out of the way now.

Ever since I went to Europe for the first time last summer, I'm always on the lookout for anything Paris, especially the Eiffel Tower. I am pretty picky, too, but the boyfriend found these bookends for me and I love them! They are also from Home Goods.

New Erin Condren notebook is already ready to go for next school year! It's nice that she bound the calendar in the notebook this year. Even though they're expensive, I love to have a new, beautiful notebook every year. I'm a traditions/ritual girl, so gotta keep with them!

I love these bookcases from Ikea - this is my fourth like it! It's nice to have all my most favorite teacher books and picture books home for the summer. Last summer I left them all at work and then of course, needed them around mid-summer when I was starting to think of the coming year. Top right are my #SummerShelfies that I'm planning to read this summer. Bottom baskets are a nice place to store odds and ends!

This is one of my favorite pieces of art I have. I LOVE Chicago stuff! Bought the print at least 10 years ago (maybe longer?) and it's yellowing, but I can't bring myself to throw it away!

As you can see, the print is called "The City Speaks" and it's made up of all these little magazine clippings. This is just one little section of the river, but it's so cool to look at the skyline from afar and then see all the Chicago places and references up close. Not sure I'll ever part with this....unless of course I can find a place to purchase it again! 

Well that's my office! What's yours like? You should definitely write up a post with pictures and share it, we'd love to check it out!

Lastly, have you heard about my BigTime Blogging Challenge? All of July I'll be writing and holding a linky every day! Please check out the details here and join me!

Happy Friday!


  1. Your office looks great! I love the artwork you have hanging too. Enjoy your weekend!

    A Very Curious Class

  2. At first I thought your bookends were castles, and my fairy-tale loving heart almost skipped a beat! As the sister of two siblings that live and work in Chicago, and the mother of a daughter who is moving into an apartment in Wrigleyville today, your print of the Windy City's skyline speaks to me!

  3. The desk, chair and bookcase! I love them. Your office looks like a wonderful place to work!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I love the desk and that print is so cool!!! It looks great :) Everyone talks about Home Goods, and there isn't one close to me!!

  5. Your space is great! Chicago is my favorite city to visit and your art made me smile!

    Learning at the Teacher Table


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