Wednesday, June 24, 2015

bigtime blogging challenge!

Hey all! Have you heard about the BigTime Blogging Challenge? It's coming up in July - just one short week from now! I couldn't be more excited to celebrate the two year anniversary of BigTime Literacy and to do so with my blogging friends!

To celebrate, I'll be writing every day and hosting a linky for anyone and everyone who'd like to write with me.  I'm planning to write every day for the whole month, but you can write as frequently as you'd like.

To help out with the writer's block, I've created a calendar of prompts for you to use if you'd like. You can download a copy of that here, but please know: you don't have to write about my prompts. Writers write about whatever they'd like, so the content is totally up to you. But, I do have some fun ideas this year, including poetry, maintaining teacher balance, a vlog, a letter to first year teachers, and a book study. Check out all the details on the free download!

Our first post on Daring Greatly is next Thursday, so head on over to Amazon to see if it's a book you'd like to read. I think it's awesome, as it applies to all aspects of our lives. I hope to see you back beginning next week for what is sure to be a great summer month of writing and sharing stories!

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait for July to come and begin the blogging challenge! Love your dreams...that house is amazing! I love it!


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