Wednesday, July 12, 2017

be quiet, be still

My niece is here! She came two years ago, then not last year, but now she's back for a week to spend with her favorite auntie / Godmother. We have lots of plans: yoga, shopping, eating, aquarium, beach, visit my dad in the UP and play games. I love to make her try new things, and today the new thing was yoga.

Caitlyn is very athletic. She's been playing soccer for years! So when it came to chaturanga, easy peasy with a little bit of prompting. And her side planks were ON. POINT.

But then there's the stillness and quietness. Let me break it down for you. Caitlyn is a motor mouth. My sister and I used to joke around when her elementary teachers would say she talked to much and we'd look at that meme that says something like, "Go ahead and move my seat, I'll talk to everyone!" So for her to be quiet and be still in yoga, that's the big accomplishment, and she did a great job!

Taking her made me remember how much yoga I've done, how I'm able to cue myself to release stress (this is going to sound strange if you don't practice) but release stress in your face by softening it, releasing your tongue from the roof of your mouth, and just be still. It takes practice but makes you feel so great!

If you want to try yoga, come try with me... and Caitlyn!


  1. I love this. I am a bit of a motor mouth myself. But I have been feeling the need for the quiet.

  2. I would love to do yoga with you! Love the cue you gave for reducing stress. I did it just now. It worked! I need to write it down and keep it handy. Have fun with your niece!

  3. I am really unsure of what would work for us.



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