Monday, July 17, 2017

look the other way

It's summer and I love it.

But every day I feel a little bit of guilt.

Because I have done ZERO work for this upcoming school year.
I think about it, briefly, then skip off to whatever fun summer thing I have to do.

And reading? I've hardly read anything this summer.
Even blogging every day in July - missed two days.

But I have been to Spain. (My fave trip abroad yet.)
And there is a new guy. (More details to come, he's pretty amazing!)
And my niece is here. (Auntie & Monkey's week of fun!)

The weather is perfect.
It's summer in Chicago with so much to do.

So why do I have to feel the guilt?

Anyone else out there feel the same? Tell me I'm not the only one.


  1. I used to feel this way, but honestly I feel that as teachers we need this time to fully recharge ourselves and not continue draining ourselves. I actively try not to do a lot of school stuff over the summer, but I do find myself googling cool science links and online activities for those quick finishers so they stay on content and not just goofing on the internet. And I of course pick up supplies, so yeah I'm still doing work even though I try not to:)
    Spain looked amazing, and can't wait to hear about the guy!!!!

  2. I have guilt that I don't feel guilt. But that is the end of that. I am on a tare this summer!
    I see you found last night's post! Here it is!

  3. I am dying to know about his guy you keep mentioning!

  4. Don't feel guilty. Enjoy it!!!


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