Tuesday, July 29, 2014

a perfect day

When I went to Europe last month, I had a perfect day. It was our second day in Paris and we had at least five hours to kill during our lunch, so I wanted to go find filming locations from Sex and the City (one of my all-time most favorite shows!) At the end of the series, Carrie goes to Paris to live with Petrovsky, and I found a website that lists some of the different places she is filmed at. So, what better way to spend the day than a scavenger hunt, in a city in Europe, where you don't speak the language, and you don't have wifi and google maps? Adventure!!

It started with a train ride to St. Germain:

We had to go from the center of the city all the way out, but we made it!

It was a super cute little cobblestoned street with shops and bakeries. But first, a Starbucks was necessary to get some wifi and talk to someone who could hopefully point us in the direction of this street:

Do you remember the scene where Carrie is walking down the street, all sad because Petrovsky is always working? It was this day and this ensemble:

(I love Carrie and all her magnificent outfits!)

Anyways, walking down the street, she smiles up at a little girl on her dad's shoulders and then the girl hits her on the head and then she steps in doggie-doo? Well, I really wanted to see a fountain that she washes her beautiful shoes off afterwards...and it said that there were lots of little shops here, too, so the fountain and shops sounded awesome!

We went on this long train ride out to St. Germain, but after talking with the girl at Starbucks, we found that there is also a neighborhood of downtown Paris with the same name, and we were in the wrong spot. Super bummed!

But, the little neighborhood we ended up in was so cute, that we stayed and had a great day!

We found a store with fascinators:

(I bought a red one!) And then this little shop which was like our Crabtree & Evelyn:

Heather got her girls a tea set and I got a little serving tray with the Eiffel Tower on it!

We found a bakery and bought macaroons:

And went into some other shops we found:

The time slipped by so fast, but we thought we could still maybe make it back to the real filming location, so we asked for help on the train:

And toasted our new travel destinations with a little treat:

We headed back to the city and made two transfers on the Metro, but eventually ended up at the right stop. We walked a few blocks at a time, and then would stop to ask if anyone knew where the street was that we were looking for, and eventually, we found it:

I wasn't looking for the street she stepped in the dog poop, but that's what we ended up finding. So after all that work, it was still a little street that Carrie Bradshaw walked down and my best friend and I found it! Definitely worth a photo-op:

Sometimes when things don't go right, the day still turns out awesome. I got to share six whole, uninterrupted hours with my best friend, go on an adventure, *and* have a macaroon from a bakery in Paris.

What could be better?


  1. I absolutely love Paris. My dream was to go there one day. Finally in 2010 my husband and I went to Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. Paris was my absolute fav!

  2. What a first-rate day on your trip! I LOVE Sex and the City as well. That's another show I'll watch over and over when it's re-airing on TV. I definitely recall that scene with Carrie walking down the street. You're such a lucky duck! ;)

  3. You have described a fantastic day! Thanks for the pictures and context. Each time I read another post about your trip, I get a little more intrigued to make a trip to Europe. Have a great day!

  4. I love the serendipity of going to the wrong place first. It wasn't the adventure you planned, but it was even better than you expected.

  5. We have had a student from France staying with us for the last three weeks and she goes home today. She loves Paris too, but last week we took her to Chicago and she said that Chicago was one of her most favorite cities in all the world. I loved reading about your adventures.

    Sweet Writing Life
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  6. Big Sigh. . .Loved the writing and the pics. You made me feel like I was there . . . some day :)

  7. I love the Paris episodes. Love, love, love them. Thanks for sharing about your trip. And glad your's wasn't the disappointment that haunted Carrie.


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