Sunday, July 20, 2014


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This is totally not my idea. My friend Katie used to write these posts - think she saw it somewhere online, too. In any case, in the Letters blog, you can write notes to family, friends, or any person or you can write letters to inanimate objects. I'm naming it "Letters from the Teacher's Desk," but the letters don't necessarily have to be about education....and, I'm thinking about starting this as a linky every other week...anyone interested?

Here's the button I created...what do you think? 

Dear Future Pup Dudley,
Went for a bike ride the other day and found a groomer right by the bf's house! By the time you arrive, we'll be expert dog parents!
(Do storks deliver Golden Doodles?) :-)

Dear boyfriend,
Thanks for installing the basket on my bike...I love it! Also, so sweet that we can take a bike ride and end up at the Buckingham Fountain. And, sweet that you're an awesome photographer!

notice the basket on the bike? #winning

Dear Pinterest,
You make me laugh. Most recently, it was funny teacher memes. Readers, please enjoy:

Dear Kassie from Designs by Kassie,
You are so awesome to work with and I still love Love LOVE my new blog design. Thank you for doing amazing work and know I will send all my teacher friends to you when they need a new blog look!

Actually, just Kassie gets a Thank You right now, but I love this one!

Dear Bloggers,
How do you remember to watermark your pictures on every post? I never remember until one of my last pics is already in the post and then I'm too lazy to redo everything. Tips?

Dear fellow BTBC Bloggers,
Thanks so much for participating in the challenge! I've been loving writing every day and I'm so glad I found some new blogging friends to follow! Also, it's so cool to find other D100 teachers and admin here - I can hear all of your voices through your writing and it's #amazeballs :-)

Dear Sprint,
This commercial was brilliant:

(Sorry, that last hashtag reminded me of it!)

Dear followers,
Did you know you can link your blog with mine? If you click over where it says blog with me on my nav bar, there's a place for you to network and get to meet other bloggers. So stop by and stay awhile! :-)

That's all for this lovely Sunday morning. Hope you're enjoying your favorite cup of coffee as you read your morning posts!


  1. Fun idea! I love your letters! And I never thought about watermarking my pictures that I post Probably smart.


    Camp Kindergarten

  2. Yes, I love the idea of Letters from the Teacher's Desk! It's a fun way to share what's on your mind at that particular moment :)

  3. How do you watermark your pictures? I would like to do mine, but I am also helping a friend make her business website and she needs to do that too! Let me know! Can I do it in iPhoto? I use wordpress - is it in there?

    1. Well I don't know about all of that - I bought a watermark from the girl who did my blog. I usually put the picture into power point, layer the watermark over it, and then take a screen shot of it all...but I forget usually...if you find a better/faster way, please let me know! :-)

  4. What great letters!! Have a wonderful evening!!

  5. Wait, wait... is the golden doodle REALLY coming? Haha. Or did you just dupe me like you hope to dupe Hecktor?

    1. No, hopefully next summer. You've been duped, too ;-)


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