Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Another edition of Letters from the Teacher's Desk! Please link up with me if you want to share your own letters!

Dear new blogging friend,
I'm so glad we are virtual friends and I can't wait to have lunch very soon! It's crazy the kinds of things you *get* when you blog! (And I can't wait for your post about our fave song!)

Dear readers,
There will be a blog hop going on the weekend of August 22nd! Get excited for posts from 20+ reading specialists and literacy coaches!

Dear sister, BIL, mom, stepdad, and kiddos,
I can't wait to visit you in Charlotte! I'm going to be doing some research and will have some requests for seeing your city next week!

Dear best friend,
I love you *and* I love your kids! Glad you could bring them over and hopefully there's a sleepover next time!

Dear Erin Condren,
I can't wait to get my new personalized notebook! I know it won't ship until August 6th, but I'm very excited and can't wait to see how it turned out! EEEeeeekkk! :-)

Dear Andi Dorfman,
I still think you should have picked the farmer. 

Dear Badass Teachers Association,
Thank you for marching to the US Department of Ed on Monday. You got to talk to Arne Duncan! That's so awesome! I'm proud to be part of your movement to bring teaching and learning back to the teachers and away from the corporate reformers!

Dear BTBC14 Bloggers,
Tomorrow is our last day! We did it! Thank you for participating, and I can't wait to read your reflections! (Make 'em good!)

That's all for tonight! I'm thinking of doing the Letters blog the first and third Sundays each month, so I'll be back with more on August 3rd if you want to link up!

Write your post.
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  1. Your "Letters from the Teacher's Desk" idea is so cute. I'm excited to link up. I can't believe the Blogging Challenge only has one day left. It's been an amazing ride. I've learned lots about myself. Lol. Looking forward to completing the challenge tomorrow and participating in the blog hop on August 22! :)

  2. You probably should have warned me about the Bachelorette spoiler. :(

    1. Omg that didn't even cross my mind and I feel awful! So sorry Carrie... And I fixed it! Lesson learned :-(

  3. Okay--I love this idea for a post. I think I need to jump aboard and write a "letters" post. Thank you!
    Curious Firsties

  4. Fun letters! Thanks for leading by example today and all month. Happy Wednesday!

  5. Cute notebook!!! I love it :)

  6. I agree about the farmer! I didn't even watch the last episode.

  7. Did you see the post about our song? I know you're excited about your trip, but I wish time would pass so we could have our lunch because I cant wait to be IRL friends too! :)


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