Monday, July 21, 2014

reading preferences

Good morning! Another summer morning to be thankful for...easy days of summer let us wake up a little later, sip coffee a little longer, and write a new blog while watching GMA!

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Today's prompt is about reading preferences - iPad, Kindle, real books? I have had a few eReaders, and have an iPad from school, but I still just prefer old school books. Well, sometimes I prefer my phone, but we'll get to that.

I really thought I would love the eReader - you know, have one and take with me and always have a few books on me. and, I do have a few eBooks from B&N, but I always go back to real books.

And, if the book is a nonfiction book - like a teaching PD book - I always want that in book form. I like to highlight and make notes, and I'm not about to do that on an iPad (even if they do have new technology that allows us to do so!)

Maybe it's because I have an Amazon Prime account, so I can get books so quickly delivered right to school, and then I can put them on my bookshelf at home when I finish them:

I do like the iPad for when I travel, although last trip I took, I bought a book on it and then didn't read on the iPad anymore. I'm kinda noticing a trend here!

I do like to use my phone for Twitter, Facebook, and Bloglovin, though. Usually when I wake up, I stay in bed a little longer and read away. Love to have time to do this during the lazy days of summer!

I guess this is something to take into consideration with our students, too. Just like we have preferences for reading, our students will probably grow to develop those preferences, too. It wouldn't be fair to make them always read real books if they preferred an electronic sources or vice versa.

With that being said, I just updated my reading survey with this question and added it as a freebie to my TpT store, so head on over there for a little somethin-somethin from yours truly as a thank you for stopping by today!

Have a fabulous Monday!


  1. Great question! I'm a combo too. Real Books- when I am outside (I can't read my kindle screen in the sun-boo). Kindle- when I am in bed so I don't have to turn a light on.

  2. I use other devices for internet access when away from you.... blogging, facebook, etc. on the Kindle is handy. I agree, we need to take into account students' preferences. Also, some students thrive using technology and devices and do not thrive with paper/print.

  3. I have yet to finish a single book digitally. I like the hard copies too, especially for non-fiction. It's like I need the physical book in my hand because I remember where in the book I read X when I have to look it up again. I guess they have a search feature for that in the digital copies. What can I say? I'm old and prefer the old-school method, I guess!

    I only do it for leisurely reading, but I love, love, love to listen to books on Audible or OverDrive. I like to listen in the car because I get so tired of Top 40 radio and the million commercials on every channel. It's always either a book or NPR if I'm in charge of the radio. :)

    1. I'm going to check out OverDrive...never heard of it! :-)

  4. I prefer paper books. I have read two books on the iPad, but it kinda hurts my eyes. Have a wonderful evening!!

  5. I like your comment about student preferences. What about testing on the computer nowadays? Just a thought... ;)

  6. I'm an old-fashioned book gal as well. Part of it I think is I like passing the books on to others when I'm finished-especially if it's something I really enjoyed! :)

    Not Just Child's Play


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