Saturday, July 26, 2014

passing along a great post

So turns out that I don't have much to say today (which is also why this post is even later than usual) but I did read a fantastic blog by Kylene Beers that I wanted to share with you. Please click here to read her beautiful post, and keep this in mind as your first day of school draws near.


  1. Thanks for sharing the blog. I'll have to take a peek. Enjoy your Saturday! ;)

  2. LOVED it! Thanks you for sharing. As a kindergarten teacher I can only hope to create an atmosphere where my children LOVE coming to school.

    Camp Kindergarten

  3. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day! I feel like I am super motivated to blog during the week but man, it is tough on the weekend to blog.

  4. I absolutely loved this - especially that it applies to those 7th graders as well :) thank you for sharing!


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