Saturday, July 16, 2016


Hey all y'all! It's the BigTime Blogging Challenge. I'm writing every day in July to celebrate my blog's three year anniversary! Join me - write your post, link it up with mine, leave some love for blogging friends in the form of comments!

Good morning friends! I am here for some letters today, so please join me!

Dear Lizzy,
Thank you for the FitBit! I love it and I'm glad we can do Weekend Warriors together! (Hoping to beat you a few times!)
Love you, Michelle

Dear Jess,
Thank you for the gifts you brought the other day. I love the diffuser and can't wait to try out the cooling towel at yoga or when I go running. You're so thoughtful and I'm so thankful for our friendship!
xo, Michelle

Dear Universe,
Thank you for all the awesomeness you ahve put in my life lately, like being interviewed for the news (blog about this coming next week!), the Cubs-Sox tickets, and more that I know will continue to manifest!

Dear Alyce,
Thank you for sharing about how I might now be a little "woo-woo" with this thinking like from The Secret and You are a Badass. I need to keep that in mind so I don't scare people off!
Hugs, Blogging Buddy

Dear btbc16 bloggers,
Thanks for writing with me! I know I haven't been reading posts as consistently, but I've been enjoying summer, most recently at a Cubs game with some friends! Looking forward to getting back into the routine soon!

Dear Weather Gods,
Thank you for a literally PERFECT Chicago day today! I'm excited to go to the zoo with Holls and Carson!

So thankful!

Dear Readers,

Thanks for reading my uninspiring letters today. I'm feeling a little tired of the writing if I'm being honest, but I will carry on for the rest of the month!

Okay it's your turn! Drop off your letters below!


  1. Well, you know, I just could not miss the Letters prompt. Better late than never.... I am not as consistent with reading and giving feedback that last few days either. I am hoping to get back on track this week!

  2. I feel a bit famous now! Thanks for your letter. :-) Good luck finishing strong with your writing challenge!


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