Sunday, July 3, 2016

summer bucket list

Hey all y'all! It's the BigTime Blogging Challenge. I'm writing every day in July to celebrate my blog's three year anniversary! Join me - write your post, link it up with mine, leave some love for blogging friends in the form of comments!

Summer bucket list. I'm usually a bit more active than this year, but still feels great to chill for a handful of weeks. Here's what's on my agenda...

1. NashVegas
Already went to Nashville with one of my dear friends, Anita, for her birthday. We were there celebrating last weekend, and listening to awesome country music. We were able to eat a lot of Hot Chicken and biscuits, visit the Johnny Cash and American Country Music Museums, and get our dance on. I love dancing, did you know that? Actually just went to an awesome dance cardio class this morning...but I digress. Anyways, Nashville was amazing and next time I go back, I'm buying the boots and the hat upon arrival to wear it there for the whole weekend before bringing it home to figure out a time when I can wear it in my life here in the city. And now, I feel like I can say y'all, too. Right? Can this city girl get away with that? :-)

2. More friends visiting end of July!
Jamie, a bff from undergrad and Katie, first year teaching bff are coming at the end of July. We usually meet up in California, but it's been 5 years so these two are making an appearance in Chicago. We're planning on going to the Cubs-Sox game, checking out RPM Italian downtown, seeing the Bean, and just getting some time to catch up. Can't wait for them to get here!

3. Celebrations
I have some special friends to celebrate, too. Baby Jantz and Bride Jess are due for a party next weekend, so I'm happy to catch up with friends from work as we celebrate a baby and a marriage to come!

4. Train for a half marathon
My sister and I are running the Chicago half in September, so I'm just beginning the 12 week training program. I need to run 4 miles tomorrow, so mentally preparing for that. I'm also trying to do yoga once a week as a cross train, and if I could afford it, I'd be going back to those dance classes. How to stretch the almighty dollar - I need some coaching in that!

5. Landmark
Anita has been involved with Landmark for about 6 or 8 months now, and I finally signed up for the Forum. It's a personal development series that, from what I can gather so far, teaches you how to take action to live your very best life. After just finishing up Me Before You (Moyes) yesterday , the big thing there is to live boldly, so Landmark, that's what I'm expecting from you!

So what are you up to this summer?


  1. Woah, a half marathon!?!? I get winded running for the bus! Good luck in your training for that. I live by the lake so I do some power walks along the trail, in awe of the runners. So cool!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!

  2. Will this be your 1st half? My favorite is the Oakbrook 1/2. I can't do them anymore b/c my plantar fascistic is so bad. Go get 'em!

  3. Sounds like a great list! Of course you can say "y'all"! It's the best word ever. I was very anti-y'all when we first moved to Bama from Michigan, but I fully embrace it now. :) I ran my first Half about 7 years ago, and it was definitely an awesome thing to cross of my life bucket list, but once was enough for me! Good luck!


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