Monday, July 11, 2016

words to live by

Hey all y'all! It's the BigTime Blogging Challenge. I'm writing every day in July to celebrate my blog's three year anniversary! Join me - write your post, link it up with mine, leave some love for blogging friends in the form of comments!

Words that speak to you. I'm thinking this is going to be like your favorite quotes. Or maybe you've written down some things your students have said. Or maybe you're thinking something else. Either way, share it!

Have you ever been giving a presentation and you have people in there who are lost in another word - in their facebook, twitter, instagram, or maybe they're just doing something completely different? I know we all have to attend meetings sometimes that maybe we don't feel we need, but it's important to me to live in the moment. That doesn't just go with PD meetings, but also everything! In our tech-obsessed world, everyone is afraid of missing out on something else, so then they end up missing out on the experience right before them. It's hard for me too, but I try my best to be fully present in the tasks I'm working on.

Seriously - be positive people! You can't be a gossip or a grouch and then expect people to think you're awesome. I know that we all have things that annoy us, but vent in private with a trusted friend. Then praise in public.

Practice gratitude. Speaking of being positive, practicing gratitude is one way to get there and there's so many things to be thankful for: friends who show up for you, colleagues who you can learn from, students who make you laugh, good food and wine, travel, writing. Take some time to be thankful for the amazing life you have!

This is true in all our relationships - with students, with colleagues, with friends, with our significant others. When you stay silent, it sends a message that what just happened is okay. As hard as it is to confront conflict, do it, or more of the same will be on the way. Boundaries are so important for wholehearted living!

One of my favorites - speaks to growth mindset a bit, doesn't it? I think it lets the perfectionists off the hook a bit. I'd rather be a completionist than a perfectionist!

I learned about this one from Brene Brown and I love it. I was tired of always worrying about what people were thinking. With this in mind, I don't worry about what they think. You can be the best writer/artist/singer/teacher/friend and there's still bound to be someone who is talking crap. So, if the person is not in the arena doing what I'm doing, I don't pay any mind to their opinions.

Dream big and then go after it. Make things happen in your life!

Share your favorite words today, or anything else you might be thinking of!


  1. I love your words to live by. "People learn how to treat you based on what you accept from them." I have heard this for a long time, but it comes up frequently in one of the books I'm currently reading and I totally see it. I am working on breaking the passive habit and way of speaking. It only leads to confusion and resentment. And... of course... gratitude! Awesome people practice gratitude.

  2. The Maya Angelou quote is a great one. I used it in a post I am working on for later on in the month.

  3. I am totally going to create a sign that is in my closet "vent in private, praise in public" and that will be a great reminder for me. I'm good about the private part, but more public praise would be a good thing! Thanks!


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