Thursday, July 21, 2016

why I teach

Hey all y'all! It's the BigTime Blogging Challenge. I'm writing every day in July to celebrate my blog's three year anniversary! Join me - write your post, link it up with mine, leave some love for blogging friends in the form of comments!

Today we're writing about why we teach. I'm still on a poetry kick, so here we go :-)

As a young kid
in my basement playing
with extra worksheets from school, I stood
in front of the "class"

Without much thought, I knew
before most of my friends, that one day I would stand
in front of a real class
for each school day of my life.

Over the past 13 years, I've been lucky to work
among kids of all ages, mostly reading and writing
with them,
but sometimes math, too.

Because of the kids, I've been blessed
with relationships beyond measure.
As for me, I teach
for this reason, almost solely.... however

Underneath the relationships are stories
about friends, and families and good times and bad.
In addition to relationships, I get
to write with kids and see them
for the people they are and hope
to become.

Do you like this style? I learned about it with Illinois Writing Project last summer - just start every line with a preposition!

Excited to hear your stories today!


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