Sunday, March 12, 2017

sol17 #12: michael jackson

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One of my students loves Michael Jackson. She's written lots of blogs about him, check them out here, here, here, and favorite one is here. And there's more, too!

And so yesterday, when I was pulling into the grocery store and The Way You Make Me Feel came on, I immediately thought of my kiddo, Gina. I sat for a few extra minutes in my car, enjoying the sweet tunes, and thinking about the exit ticket I gave on Friday.

To my prompt of "I wish my teacher knew..." she replied with, "that we should learn about MJ, because he was history too!"

I just had to laugh to myself a bit, because of my kiddo with such an interest in this artist. While I can't promise her a unit on Michael Jackson, I hope that this blog will be enough.

Maybe Passion Projects at the end of the year, that would work, right?

In the spirit of Gina's interest in Michael Jackson, here's an idea - share about a favorite singer or song, and what stories that song brings to mind.

Want another idea? Check out the padlet.
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  1. SOL #12 Birthday party

  2. My morning

  3. I'm a music teacher and LOVE MJ as well! I should totally do a unit on Michael Jackson!! Love your student's passion :)

  4. Thank you Ms. Brezek for shouting out to me! I appreciate it haha

  5. The way you make me feel is one of my favorite songs also! I looovee the bad eraπŸ’“πŸ’“

  6. Yes, I LOVE passion projects! Still deciding how to implement with 7th instead of 3rd graders ...

  7. "he was history too!" I love it!


  9. Get out the movie

  10. So funny! My son today was looking at a magazine cover at the store and he said "it's weird that people still talk about how Michael Jackson died." What a legend that guy is! Love how you capture your student's love.

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