Tuesday, March 21, 2017

sol17 #21: a letter to the birds

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Dear birds who reside outside my bedroom window,

I'm so happy you're back, and on the first day of spring! What perfect timing! I was happy to hear you cheeping and chirping outside my window this morning, but, I wish you could have waited a little longer before the songs commenced. You see, I woke up in a start to an alarm of bird tunes, thinking I was late for work, but then as my eyes adjusted to the light, I could tell it was still dark out. I checked my watch, and to my surprise it was only 4:30. I was excited to have another 45 minutes to sleep, but kind of upset that I was disturbed in the first place.

I dozed back into dream land, and then was awoken once again, but this time to my alarm. I perked up my ears to listen for your songs, but you must have decided 4:30 am was too early to be awake and so you went back to sleep. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't afforded that luxury.

So one request, my neighbors in the trees outside my second floor apartment: can you keep your music quiet until 5:15? Then, I can sleep soundly until the ringing of my alarm. And you can enjoy a longer evening of peaceful sleep, too.

Warm regards,
Your neighbor

An idea: Did you see my post? Try and write a letter to someone or something! Check out my example above.

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  5. If only the birds would listen!

    Thanks for visiting a few of my students' posts and commenting. They are really excited to share their thoughts widely.

  6. But better the birds singing than the dogs barking... (that's from a recent experience). Cute idea to write your letter of complaint to the birds.

  7. What amazing timing! And I love that you combine a letter and a slice of life!

  8. I think that's a pretty reasonable request :) I have a family of seagulls who live across the street, and I think they must sleep all day until around 2 or 3 AM.... can't imagine why, but boy are they noisy!


  10. Oh, I am with you! We have some trees right outside our window and I love sleeping with my windows open. But I hate hearing the birds SO early! Your letter is funny!


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