Friday, March 31, 2017

sol17 #31: thirty-one

What can 31 days of writing do?

It can allow a window into each other's lives, which helps us develop a better understanding for one another and also see our interests. (I feel a writing walk coming in our future!)

It can show you how wise your middle school students are.

It can help you find ideas a little bit easier.

It can create a space to compose your best work and some not so great posts, too, and the understanding that it's okay to publish stuff that isn't awesome.

It can help a writer find some NEW, FUN ways to craft text.

It can really elicit problem-solving skills, commitment, and creativity.

It can show you how compassionate your students are.

It can give you a voice, with your words on a mic to which others are listening.

It can create an opportunity for one student to inspire another.

It can help students find their writing interests; see one of my kiddo's who loves to write about sports, herehereherehereand here.

It can inspire you to complete next year's challenge (and maybe even create a challenge of your own!) hint, hint :-)

It can create a writer.

We made it! 31 days! I'm so proud of each of you, for writing once, five times, or 31 times. Just got an email from Mrs. Hauer, and she hopes that you will keep on writing, she's loving reading your writing! (So am I!) Cheers to you, writers!

I was writing when you sent this, Betz, and it made my day, thank you!


  1. The last blog of the month

  2. How do i fell when i do my last blog open my link to see more

  3. Completed

  4. Yay! Congratulations! I love how you linked your kiddos' posts - great idea :)

  5. Congratulations. I have enjoyed following your posts and hearing your voice.

  6. I agree with Christine! Embedding the links was very creative!


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