Monday, March 6, 2017

sol17 #6: to do list

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It's 7:30am on a Monday. I'm still in my bed and it's so perfect and glorious. Usually by 7:30, I've already been up for at least two hours, and am sitting at my desk in my classroom prepping my slides for the day. Thank you Casimir Pulaski for this extra day to sleep in and take the day slowly!

I don't have much in the way of a post today so here's a little to do list with what I hope to accomplish. Hopefully this will make me a little more accountable than I have been the past few days when I did a lot of nothing :-)

1. Try and finish American Street, the book I'm currently reading.

2. Run to the bank and get the money I owe a friend and quarters to do laundry.

3. Do the laundry.

4. Do a little bit of planning - we're about to start our Holocaust unit so even though that content is pretty dismal, I enjoy uncovering it with my students. Actually funny story about this - last week on my exit ticket I had them rate their knowledge of the Holocaust. Then I asked, "What is one thing you're hoping to learn?" Someone replied, "Nothing, it sounds boring." I just love middle school kids, they're just so straight with you, and they own it!

5. Grade at least half of the Argument papers that are still in my bag from Friday.

You are probably looking at my list thinking I don't have much fun on the agenda, but this will all be to the tunes of Ed Sheeran in the background. I just got his new album yesterday and it's awesome!

Also, today I'm reminded that by writing, we uncover stories. I had no idea I would share that story about my very direct student, but there it is. Hopefully she reads it when she posts her link here today!

It's Monday, a new week full of stories to unfold! If you're stuck, check out the padlet with ideas. It would be awesome if you could leave one, too! Or maybe head over to the Two Writing Teachers blog to leave a comment for another student blogger!

Stuck on an idea? Try mine - write a post that lists the things you're hoping to accomplish today. Then, come back tomorrow and see how far you got!


  1. The day I got my dog.

  2. I NEED the new Ed Sheeran album. It's on my list. :)

  3. When I was in the airplane open my link to see more hope you like my blogs

  4. Wow I didn't know you listened to Ed Sheeran. What's your favorite song so far?

  5. A time I laughed hard in class

  6. I hope you accomplish everything on your list!

  7. SOL #5: Seeing Toby

  8. Nothing can be boring listening to Ed Sheeran!...I hope you end the day feeling accomplished!

  9. Ah the blunt kiddos. They are my favorite! Great post! :)

  10. Ah you must live in Illinois! I am from Indiana but lived in Decatur and Danville for awhile and I was always bewildered about Pulaski Day!



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