Friday, March 14, 2014

SOLSC #14: Twitterpated

WRITE. Every day in March write a slice of life story on your own blog.
SHARE. Link your post in the comments on each daily call for a slice of life stories TWT.
GIVE. Comment on at least three other slice of life stories.

Well today is day 2 of the Illinois Reading Council! It's my first time here and I'm learning so much! As I mentioned yesterday, I was so inspired by Stephanie Harvey, I got on Twitter. Then, today, I went to a session on using Twitter professionally and that was...

(I say that alot - one of my best friend uses this term and it just sticks, so it makes me happy!)

Anyways, I really want to follow all my blogging friends on twitter, so please find me @bigtimeliteracy and follow! I need to follow all my reading peeps, but I'm not sure exactly where i can find you all!

Here's the other big thing I'm taking away from the IRC:

So...I'm sitting here writing a blog, because I'm processing the information I got. Today, it's about Twitter. Here's what I learned:

1. You should be using Twitter for PD! You follow great reading and literacy experts and then get articles and information to improve your teaching. Authors and our Literacy Idols share awesome stuff!

2. You can do some Twitter Chats - you know...with those hashtags? So one I heard about was #ELAchat. You can sit on your couch and talk with educators all around the world about different topics. You just put the hash tag and then follow the live chat using Tweet Deck.

3. Did you know: Twitter Peeps are your Tweeps? A Twitter Meetup is a Tweetup? You can use the TwitterFall website to show live posts from your feed?

4. Do you know when people on Twitter have an egg for their picture? you know why? It's because their little twitter bird hasn't hatched yet! You have to post your first tweet (and put a picture on your account) and then you will hatch! So clever!

5. I think Twitter is going to be my new bff...but I need to follow people! Literacy blogging friends - please leave me a comment with your handle or follow me and I'll follow you back. I need Tweeps! :-) 

Anyways, I wouldn't have had knowledge of all of that without the time to sit and think. So I ask - are your students getting time to think about the information you're giving them?

If you want it to turn into knowledge, you need to give them time to think!

That's all for now. Nancie Atwell for my breakfast session...and even though I'm not longer in middle, I super love her!

It's Friday! Enjoy it!


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