Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SOLSC #4: What's in your bubble?

WRITE. Every day in March write a slice of life story on your own blog.
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I laid there on my yoga mat feeling the heated room warm my bones. Class was filling up, and the teacher came in with three more students. I moved my mat one last time to fit the new yogis in, and then we began by laying back down on our mats.

It was Sunday so the 11:30 class was 75 minutes rather than 60. In these sessions, we have a little bit more time for setting our intentions for class and working on our poses. Our teacher, Dani, began class by talking to us.

"Close your eyes. Let your body be heavy and let your thoughts subside. I want you to think about something you want. What is it? Maybe it's a house or a car. Maybe it's a person or a relationship. Maybe you can see this thing in words or in pictures, but whatever it is, bring it to the front of your mind. Do you see it there? What does it look like? Are you looking at it very closely?"

She continued, " picture it in a bubble. A beautiful, iridescent bubble. There's the thing you want in your perfect bubble." She moved among us, walking around our mats as she spoke.

The heat and humidity kicked back on. "You know," she said, "you can manifest the things you want in your life. You visualize them and keep them in the front of your mind. I asked you to put it in a bubble so that you can send it off into the world. So, are you ready? Take a deep breath in." You could hear the sound of each person in the room breathing in. "Now, exhale and let it go. Let the bubble go out into the world." A loud sigh echoed through the room as 35 bubbles were sent out into the world.

"Let's work on manifesting what we want in our lives today during our time together," Dani added. "Anytime your thoughts start to wander away from your yoga practice, bring them back to this bubble that holds this special thing that you want. Don't become frustrated if you can't hold your Plank long enough or you fall out of your Standing Bow. Instead, just come back to your bubble. Let that be your intention for our practice today."

I'm not going to share with you all what was inside my bubble, but that experience had a huge impact on my day. Dani's explanation of making things manifest in our lives was so powerful...when you think about the things you want, you really can make them happen for yourself. It's all about perspective. Do you have to work hard? Absolutely. But can you make just about anything happen you want to? Yes.

Yoga has just been an amazing part of my life since I started practicing last summer. While it's great for balance, flexibility, building strength, and even cardio when you're flowing through poses, the best part about it is the mental state of mind I have been able to command. I don't worry as much as I used to because I am in better control of my thoughts. And while I still get lazy sometimes (like today) and just skip class, I know it's always right there waiting for me when I need it.

So I ask...What would you like to manifest in your life? Put it in a bubble and send it out to the world!


  1. I just started yoga last week. It is hard. It is fun. It is refreshing and I can hardly wait to go back tomorrow night.

  2. This was a wonderful reminder about what taking care of yourself should be: a celebration, relief, care, peace. I am so terribly jealous of you right now. I am not currently making this a priority in my life. The cold is my excuse. But tomorrow is lent. It could be an opportunity to take a leap. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just started yoga and the things you are writing about are the things I love. I love where it takes my heart and mind. I love that I love the class feeling GOOD about myself. I am very new at it, so I can't wait to feel more control over how I feel and think.

  4. Taking care of YOU is so important! I feel so much better when I have made time to exercise. I bet yoga is great for your mind and body. It is something I'd like to try. I try to wake up early every morning to get in a jog or spin on my bike but it is really hard to force myself out of bed sometimes.

  5. I have mixed feelings about using Yoga time to manifest my desires. I am however a big believer in Creative Visualization...I just like to think of yoga and meditation as the time to NOT want.

  6. I REALLY need to take a Yoga class - I never have, and just reading your post made me feel that relaxation and purpose. I can imagine how I'd feel if I were really doing it!

  7. I have never taken a yoga class, but when I read your post, I certainly want to. I love the idea of sending your bubble out into the world.

  8. 7 comments? OMG! That's awesome and i love this post too.


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