Wednesday, March 11, 2015

day 11: better together

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One night a week, the boyfriend comes over and we have dinner together. I try and mix things up so we try new recipes and this week, I had bought stuff for a salmon recipe and rice. (He was instructed to bring the rice cooker and a bottle of wine...he did a good job!)

When he got here, he went right to the couch - after a long day he's tired, but so am I! I told him he has to help me cook or we're ordering food, to which his reply was, "What's close by?" He told me he didn't know how to cook, and I answered, "Well, can you read?" The recipe I had was new - I never made it, but following directions isn't hard.

So we made dinner together - I was on the rice, he was on the salmon. We played my music while we cooked, laughing, talking, he made fun of my bro country and doing a little country line dancing, we talked about news, and made a lovely dinner:

The sauce was a combo of soy sauce, honey, green onions, and a lot of spices (it was a McCormick recipe!) and super easy to make! I got the little candles to go with our wine and it was a great night!

Nothing seems like a big deal when you do it together. I mean, maybe washing dishes...which is why those are in the sink for  tomorrow. Hey, you can't win them all!


  1. Oh man... that last line cracks me up because it's SO true! I LOVE when Joel and I cook and clean together because it makes us a team and no one can complain about having to do it all. No one should be stuck cooking or cleaning while their partner sits on the couch! At the very least, you can sit in the kitchen and chat with me while I do the work! lol We're pretty good about dividing the tasks and making it better with music too.

  2. sounds like you guys had the perfect night!!! Hektor should teach me a thing or two about cooking salmon! :)

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