Tuesday, March 24, 2015

day 24: blown away

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I'm so proud of my student bloggers. I began my group in October with about 18 kiddos and a total different approach to what I had used when I was a middle school teacher. I set this blogging club up as: You write about whatever you want and get to enjoy the process. Not: write book reviews (and only book reviews). My former students viewed blogging as this assignment they had to do; my new kids see it as being creative and having choice.

While we've done so much learning this past month during the Slice of Life Challenge, one area we are going to work on tomorrow is commenting on our peer's blogs. Tomorrow, I am going to show them how to find other Slicing Students so they can begin building relationships with other writers. I want my blogging club to experience everything about blogging that I love, and making new friends via blogs is one aspect we haven't quite hit!

Our Family Literacy Night is coming up in April and I'm also planning on having any/all of the Tiger Bloggers running a station about blogging at that event. I know their excitement and passion for blogging will be very evident, and maybe we'll have a few new bloggers join our club! Also, this will be great practice for iEngage Berwyn - a conference my 1:1 district is having in May. My Tiger Bloggers (and I) will be presenting at that one, too!

Do you have students participating in the SOL Challenge? If you do, leave me the link where all your kiddos' blogs are hubbed. I'll add them to our list! You can find all my kids' blogs linked to this page!


  1. Sounds like the blogging you're doing with your students has been wildly successful. I'm delighted you'll be sharing it with others at a Family Literacy Night. (Please let us know how it goes since we're all about family literacy nights over at TWT!)

  2. I love, love, love that you're doing this with your students. When I've done blogging with my students in the past, it's always been done as an assignment too. I've asked them to reflect on questions and review books, but I definitely see how that takes the joy out of writing. I agree that a more authentic experience is necessary to build a love of writing! I can't wait to do this with my next group!


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