Wednesday, March 18, 2015

day 18: quiet time

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No one here
home alone.
No one calling
on the phone.

Just quiet time.

No one needs me
no papers to grade
Time for me
and blogs to raid :-)

and quiet time.

No classes to sub
no meetings to plan
It's me with the world
at a click of the hand.

Quiet time.

No budgeting to consider
No materials to find
Doing what I choose
for my peace of mind

Love quiet time.

Even on our busy days
that seem to never end
Gotta keep that balance
So our soul can mend.

What's your quiet time?

This post was inspired by one of my student bloggers, Alex. In his post, he wrote about finally taking his computer home again now that PARCC is done and once again having peace and quiet for blogging. (!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. That quiet time is sooo important and sometimes we seem to have so little of it! I get my quiet time mostly from reading. I make time every day to read for a bit. It takes me away from the problems, piled up papers, and planning of teaching.

  2. This is so perfect today... I'm struggling with that balance and finding quiet time. So incredibly important. Mine is with my dogs these days.

  3. I never realized how much I craved this quiet time until it was gone. I SAVOR the hours of quiet after school until Joel's sister gets home with the baby. The whining and crying are never far behind, and HOLY COW is it good birth control! :)

  4. You deserved the quiet time you had last night. Such a creative poem! :)


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