Thursday, March 19, 2015

day 19: letters

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Dear work friends,
Super funny belly laughs at dinner make me so happy. Thank you for a hilarious night!
xo, Michelle

Dear Tiger Bloggers,
I love how you are writing every day about the realities of your life. I LOVE to read your posts - they are clever and funny and engaging and make me so proud!
Love, Teach

Dear JB,
You're going to make a great partner for Union Rep next year. So excited!!!
(Think about it.)
Partner-in-Crime-To-Be :-)

Dear Kitchen,
I'm sorry my laundry is all over the floor. Perks of living alone!
Your tenant

Dear HP,
I love you. That's all.
xo, Dud

Dear Weekend,
You can't come soon enough. Eagerly awaiting your return!
Exhausted Teach


  1. I had so much fun with you tonight, too! See you bright and early!

  2. I think maybe twenty slices could be pulled from our dinner conversation tonight. But...I don't think I would actually want anyone to read even one!

  3. First time stopping by, love your quick letters, especially the dear weekend one!

  4. Oh, I miss your Sunday letters! I need to do that again!


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