Thursday, March 26, 2015

day 26: song of my people

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Today I was feeling kinda tired at the end of the school day, but had to run down to the gym to find the girl I just started checking in with, and so after I found myself as a spectator for the girls basketball game. Tired or not, hanging out with kids in a more relaxed environment is always my cup of tea! I haven't been to an extracurricular game since I worked at the middle school in 2013, so I was happy to stay and hang out for awhile.

I sat on the stage with some fourth and fifth graders. (Oh, and this is after a fifth grader asked one of the fourth graders if I was his mom. Umm...hi? I was just in your classroom yesterday and talked to you about what you were learning? Maybe that was a joke? and it was strange...but, at least kids are entertaining!)

Anyways, there we were watching the game get started. I taught the kiddos sitting with me the Slow Clap - they had fun and we did it a few times, before the chanting of, "Let's go Tigers, Let's Go!" followed by two claps started. And on and on (and on) that went.

The whole thing just took me back in the day, back to my days as a cheerleader, a young high school student, dressed in Cardinal Red and Columbia Blue, and crossing my fingers for a Wildcat free throw to sink through the net. These were the days when "Rebound that basketball...bring! it! down!" sang in my head and ribbons bounced with my ponytail. The days when my friends were everything and all I had to do on Friday night was cheer at the basketball game and then go to get food with friends after.

Memories....... :-) 

Since I can't get to one of my old pictures right now, here's one of my last them just as much! And this picture is SO the personality of cheerleaders!

Any more of my people out there?


  1. Sorry, not your people. But, the game was so intense and they won! So proud of them!

  2. I can still do a couple cheers from my cheerleading career (35 years ago). Every once in awhile I will break into a yell for the Bluejays just to make my husband rolls his eyes. Cheering has changed a bit since then, but it still creates smiles.

  3. Meeeeeeee! How funny that I wrote about cheerleading today too. AND I was also a wildcat! I am not ashamed to admit that I can still do the school song and many, many cheers from high school. I may or may not perform them often for our niece! :) She likes it!

  4. It's fun when work overlaps with other things you love to do. I was never a cheerleader, but I can understand the nostalgic feeling that comes from those after school events!


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