Saturday, July 25, 2015

all hail selfie stick!

Hi Friends! Today's prompt is about Teacher Activists, but I'm not in the mood. Feel free to write about that though, or anything else! I bring you fun and celebrations and love, via the Selfie Stick!

Went to a wedding last night - my mentee, Kerry married Gordon and it was super fun. Great music, lovely dinner, family and friends, and late night pizza! Kerry and Gordon: Amazing!

I thought a wedding would be a great place to bring my Selfie Stick. I bought it originally to take on vacation, but it doesn't go over as well in smaller groups. My friends thought I was kinda nerdy and even made fun of me. I don't care...try, try again, right?

Well last night, perfect opportunity! Big groups, that's the key! I also have these heart sunglasses I've been wearing around this summer. Not everywhere, but with my favorite people. I'm in the process of making a Shutterfly book of my summer and so it's themed Summer Love or something like that. My point is, Selfie Stick + heart sunglasses for all your friends = amazing fun. Take a peek:

Table 16 in da house!
Seriously, how cool is it that you can get your WHOLE table in a group shot?

love you Mentee!
Congrats Kerry and Gordon!

Kerry & Gordon - We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!

Do you have a selfie stick? Any tips and tricks?

Get the details for this challenge here!


  1. Oh my! I need a selfie stick! I did a lot of cutting off half a face in selfies with family today. :/

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