Tuesday, July 7, 2015

slice of life

Welcome to the BigTime Blogging Challenge! Today, we are writing Slice of Life stories. They are small moment stories (think memoir) and are hosted by Two Writing Teachers, so be sure to share your story in both places! Don't forget to leave comments. But, it's important to note, on the Two Writing Teachers blog, don't leave your link in the comment of other people's posts. The feedback there is more about encouragement and sharing about what you loved about the writing you read!

I don't have any of my own kids. The closest I have is my niece, Caitlyn. She lives in Charlotte but when she was a baby and a toddler, my sister and I lived in Phoenix, super close to one another. Caitlyn grew up with me and she's the closest thing I have to my own kid. I am the original Auntie (the name she still calls me) and I couldn't be more happy to have that title.

As I mentioned a few posts back, she was visiting me for a week in June. We did so much together (I was actually super exhausted!) but I had so much fun with her.

But then it was time to take her to the airport. On the way, everything was fine - I was more worried about not missing the flight to even think about her leaving. We ended up being pretty early, so we sat and read books and watched You Tube videos. We called her mom and talked to her. It still wasn't hitting me how sad I was going to be that she was leaving.

Finally, they called for preboarding for her flight. There was another child flying solo, so they met one another and got to sit together. As I was hugging her goodbye for the third time, it washed over me - this kiddo, the closest thing I have to my own child, is leaving and I'm not going to see her anytime soon.

She walked down the tunnel, looking over her shoulder and waving, and I sat back down. I tried to read a little, but couldn't focus. I walked to the window and watched the plane sit there.

The plane finally began to taxi away and the tears came. I had gotten used to having her around all the time again, just like it used to be when she was so young. I always had someone to talk to, to share meals with, and laughs. I got to experience things with her for the first time - riding front seat of Raging Bull and tears at the sushi restaurant.

To some extent, this must be what it feels like to have a kid. I was so so sad, and even sitting here thinking about it makes me a little misty.

Can't wait until next summer when she comes back again. Thank you to my sister for sending her. As I sit here, I'm just thinking:

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  1. Wow! How wonderful that your niece has so many people that love her!!! I want that for my kids as well.

  2. How sweet! It sounds like you two have a fantastic connection!

  3. Aw! This post made me all teary! I really feel fortunate to be around for all of Aniya's firsts. It makes my heart happy to know that I'm part of her formative years!

  4. I think I know what you mean! I have no kids of my own either, but I'm so thankful and blessed by the connections I've been able to make with some of the children of my closest friends. I love being a "tia" and it makes me desire to have kids of my own all the more some day!


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